Thursday, 4 August 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 32, Thurs 8/4

Week 5, Day 32
4 August 2011
Cebu: City, Bogo, and Danao Teams

There are pictures and numbers but we are still waiting to hear all the good news!

Ptr Chris
One thing we did learn from yesterday, Pastor Ian said the BOGO team also was able to preach in a prison and had a great response! They said they were humbled by their hunger for the truth!


  • One team showed a film in the community and preached, 
  • one team showed a film in an auditorium and then preached. 
  • Everyone did room to room. 
  • Our famous author, "Pastor Mike" taught at a leadership conference today thus getting SMCI permission to do room to room on that college campus today! 

The Lord allowed:

161 Opportunities to Preach the Gospel
8374 People to Hear the Gospel
5529 People Made Decisions

Come back and check this post for more detailed info tomorrow!
Below view our mission field--the campuses of SE Asia!

SMCI Cebu Team's arranging for PM teaching at the Leadership Conference opened 
the door for room to room evangelism on this campus.

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