Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 31, Wed 8/3

City Team, Team Bogo, and Team Danao
Week 5, Day 31

177 Opportunities to Preach the Gospel
6195 People Heard the Gospel
4092 People Made Decisions

A busy day with many and varied opportunities!

Two teams preached in the community tonight--hoping to have pics of that soon! All three teams did room to room on campuses too.  One team had the blessing of preaching in a prison which was arranged by SMCI graduates who work there (pictures in the next post!) Two team members drove 3 hours to deliver Chris' lost luggage! One person even got to play a little volleyball with students in between!

AND more answered prayer and great news, on Bohol the campaign continues! You may remember the team was postponed last week and invited to come this week instead. The Bohol SMCI team went room to room today where the LORD allowed 25 opportunities to preach the Gospel resulting in 889 people hearing the good news and 272 making decision! PTL!

Keep praying!
So many opportunities the LORD has provided! ;)
Please LORD, may we finish the course?
Thank you LORD!

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