Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More Photos: e-Campaign 2011, Day 29, Mon 8/1

"Thank you LORD, for another great day!"

Pics and comments in this post mostly from Kim Coogan, Ireland 
(Nosnuma Fulltime Staff / PM's A Team)

Beverly (Singapore Team) on Monday

Pastor J still going strong into the 5th week! 
PTL for he and Anna joining the campaign this year!

Jonah (SMCI Cebu I/C) giving instructions as PM looks on so approvingly! ;)

Acts 16:31 and John 3:16 in Cebuano at a local church in CarCar where we stopped and spent some time in prayer between campuses! 
PTL for co-labourers!

Excited to get going! 

Most of the students in this HS (next 2 photos) are from broken homes. It is a dark place, notorious for immorality... today His light shone hope in the darkness! Thank you LORD>

Lot Lot from SMCI Leyte sharing in Cebu! Ate Joy and Lot Lot came over from Leyte to help with the prep for Cebu! They have been a wonderful blessing! Great teamwork! We are the body! ;)

Jonah and team (SMCI, Cebu I/C) with some people from Grace Baptist (one of the churches we fellowship with on Cebu) made 10 sets of these visuals to help with evangelism in the High Schools! Great idea!

Simply (Team Leader, Bohol) is over on Cebu too serving the Cebu Team by preaching, keeping the water bottles filled and recording the statistics at the end of each day-a monumental job! (Last week he was the overall leader! So happy to see that SMCI leaders are servants first and foremost!)  Rosie is in the left background! She is sending the photos, stats, and information to go on the blog and to be sent to the prayer warriors! PTL for everybody!

These girls got to hear the gospel twice in one hour! Once in their classroom and once through personal evangelism on campus. They followed us almost to the gate of the campus because they wanted to get to know us. God is working in hearts and drawing them.

Monday night two of the teams combined to cover this campus (2 photos below) all in one shot. Imagine walking through the school in the darkness, passing room after room and hearing...  

  • 'God has a wonderful plan for your life', 
  • Do you know that God loves every one of you?' 
  • 'Jesus is the judge', 
  • 'We all have a problem with sin', 
  • 'There is only one Saviour! Jesus Christ!, 
  • 'We can't get to heaven by our own good works', 
  • 'Let's bow our heads and close our eyes and talk to Jesus in prayer' 
  • 'If that's you, raise your hand',

... and so on and so on! PTL. 

We were extremely tired after finishing this campus late last night and still had an hour's drive home plus a short organizational meeting. We all agreed in the van that this was the best thing in the world that we could be doing! What a privilege and what a responsibility!

Well, 5 a.m. is coming... good night!

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  1. Looking this site it gave and reminds me that, I'm so Blessed for being a part of this organization it taught me a lot and Ive learned so much about GOD...and I won't forget that day,that I accepted Jesus as my personal savior...and till then I'm part of it.I Missed those E-Campaign,spreading the word of GOD,sharing his words,bible prayer,and ect.The Group is so strong coz God send a good leadership in diff.country and there's a lot of young people showing they are a good example of the believers TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
    Year 2003,the 1st retreat I missed those,hope does anybody who saved those photos back then could you pls.shared thank you.GOD BLESS US ALL
    find me @fb.analynnofziger


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