Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mass Evangelism In 2 Prisons Today

 The day is coming when the LORD will allow cell to cell evangelism in the prisons! It wasn't today, but today was a great victory and huge step in that direction! Today both the City Team and the Bogo Team did mass evangelism to prisoners...such a wonderful opportunity to take hope to many who are hopeless...

SMCI Alum Rey, a brother from SMCI, Bohol is now working in a prison on the island of Cebu. It has been his dream all along to take the Gospel to the prison the way it is done on the campuses!   

Maximum Security Prison
So of course when the e-Campaign dates for CEBU were announced, Rey and other SMCians asked for permission to do cell to cell evangelism during this week.  This is a new concept to the prison administration and the person in charge was a little concerned about the reaction in the prison.

The Director and the 2nd in charge, being believers, arranged first for 2 mass evangelism sessions with men from the dormitories, many of who have been waiting for trial for up to 5 years.

The LORD blessed and softened hearts to the saving message of Christ's death, burial and resurrection payment for our sins! Many trusted the LORD!

SMCI Alumnus Rey (left)

There is a Christian group working with the prisoners and we pray too that the LORD will continue to use them.

Regardless, this is a huge answer to prayer and the 3 SMCians working there will now be able to continue to follow up and pray and build toward the goal of "cell to cell evangelism!"

TEAM BOGO also ministered in a Jail today with wonderful blessing from the LORD and many decisions!

Remember those who have heard before the LORD when you read this please!


  1. I am still in awe of the work being done there. All power belongs to God Almighty.
    Amazing Grace, and Power in The Blood of the Lamb. This is the message their hearts will hear and see.
    I will pray.

  2. Thank God For Rey and the SMCI Alums!


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