Monday, 29 August 2011

The Next Step For SMCI!

From Evangelist Mike Redick:

On August 15, after six grueling weeks, our Evangelistic Campaign in the Philippines officially ended. We thank the Lord for the many people who heard and responded to the Gospel. We are also thankful for the many people from around the world who had a part in making this year's e-Campaign a wonderful success.

Our team in the Philippines, Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI) did a wonderful job by securing permission to preach the gospel in several hundreds of high school, college and university campuses. During the six weeks nearly 100 people from Singapore, Brazil, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and the US joined our local teams for this year's e-campaign. Together we preached the gospel 5,248 times, reaching 263,023 people with 161,988 of those made salvation decisions. In addition we passed out over 300,000 gospel tracts and 10,000 gospel pamphlets.

The Prayer Warrior teams were amazing in their steadfast prayer day by day and it was evident that the LORD heard and answered! This year there were well over 9 thousand people joining in the prayer teams from all over the world!

It was a great campaign! And the Lord far exceeded our expectations. It was very exciting to be able to enter a school and within one to two hours to present a clear and simple, yet accurate, Gospel to every person on that campus-and this we did hundreds of times. It was also encouraging to see God work both in the lives of those who heard the Gospel and those who preached the Gospel.

We just starting the difficult task of follow up and are in the process of getting the first 10,000 Bibles sent to our SMCI centers to give to the many who made decisions during the campaign. Please continue to pray for our follow-up work. 

From the fruit of last year's ecampaign, we had nearly 5000 people enrolled in weekly discipleship classes. We are asking the Lord to give us 10,000 people to disciple this year. 

Please pray with us. 

Evangelist Mike Redick is the International Director of SMCI

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