Sunday, 21 August 2011

From The Heart Of Kaylin (PA), 14

SMCI e-Campaign
From the Heart Series
Kaylin (Pennsylvania) Weeks 1-6

I Know What Happened Counted For Eternity 
I had a hard time getting to the Philippines... I was delayed a whole day, and almost delayed the second. By the time I got to the Manila they wouldn't let me into the country because I didn't have all the right papers. When I finally arived and met Pastor Mike again he said to me, "Kaylin, the devil has tried so hard to keep you away that I believe the Lord is going to do something powerful through you, and to you!" and do you know what... HE HAS! The Lord has changed my life forever, and used the Holy Spirit through me to spread the Good News to thousands of kids my age! 

Here in the states, you hear many different stories about what the Lord can do, but for the past 6 weeks, I lived it! God, and the Power of God has just become so much more real to me. Especially the power of prayer. We prayed for everything, and we saw many people make a descision. 

The Lord also opened my eyes to the lost and dying world out there. It is incredible! The thought of so many people dying and going to Hell never really became very real until I saw all those kids in those class rooms, and their precious faces. The thought would often cross my mind weither or not they would go to Heaven or Hell, and they just gave me the burden to tell more people about the Love of God! 

Because of this incredible oppertunity, God has now given me a new burden. I have this desire to tell everyone that I meet about Jesus, or at least give them a tract.  
Everything we do here should count for eternity... whether it is good or bad, that is up to you. But I know that what happened this summer, counted for eternity in thousands of lives.

---Kaylin, (PA) is a 14 year old student.
This was her first, but most probably not her last e-cmapaign!

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