Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wondering If The Lord Would Provide For You?

If It's His Will, 
He Will Surely Make The Way!

Daphne has been part of  SMCI Negros. It is her heart's desire to serve the LORD full time with SMCI, but her parents have not allowed her to do so yet!  After this week, Daphne-now a graduate- will be returning home to work a secular job and honor her parents. 

Daphne sharing the Gospel on Cebu on Monday!
While in Negros last week, Daphne made it known to PM that she wanted to join us in Cebu to help for one last week but lacked the financial ability to do so.  PMike told her we would pray about it and trust the Lord. A moment later he came over to inform Kabing and myself (Kim) of Daphne's desire so we could make plans for her in expectation of God's provision. 

As we were talking and praying and wondering how we could financially swing it, one of our Singaporean team members who was leaving that day politely interrupted (not knowing what we were talking about) and said she had a certain amount of cash and would like to give it to the ministry and could we help her channel it?!!! PTL God provided for Daphne and the desire of her heart. What  a blessing for Daphne, our teams, the souls who will sit under her proclaiming of the Gospel and for that person who gave - eternal fruit credited to her account!  

Remember to pray for Daphne and the salvation of her parents!


  1. Praying for Daphne, and for the salvation of her parents.
    So excited, Praising God for the way He provides in His time and in His way!
    Oh that today, we ( myself included) might learn to pray with a heart that believes and leaves it in the Father's authority! That we would love going to The Father, asking, and then waiting with expectation for the Great and Mighty things!
    Jer. 33:3

    Praying for and with you all!

  2. Just read about what God did for Daphne. Asking the Lord to supply for me too if that is His plan.

  3. "in EXPECTATION of God's provision."
    What a reminder. God doesn't ask us to trust in Him while lowering our expectations of Him. He asks us to trust in Him while having faith that He is able and wants to do great things for us!


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