Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Could You Get Me A Bible?

Week 6, Day 38
Southern Philippines

One of the great needs of SMCI is of course BIBLES--we always need more Bibles! What happened to Simon this final week and to Tim(CO Western Slope Team) during the first week highlights this pressing need! Let's take it to the LORD!

From Simon (Singapore Teams 1 and 6): 

Could You Get Me A Bible? 
Our last stop today was USEP and an SMCI Evening Fellowship.  
I was asked to preach a message on "Lordship" and I took a passage from Luke 17:11-19 to share on loving the giver not only His gift. Though it was an SMCI fellowship and presumably all those who came were believers, I gave a salvation invitation nonetheless.  
After the message, a lady approached me and told me she had accepted Jesus as her Saviour but she hasn't had a bible and asked whether I could give her one. I only had my old but trusted bible, genuine leather bound and its my favourite. But her seeking eyes compelled me. I gave her my bible, amidst a bit of a heavy heart, cuz it was dear to me but her soul is far dearer to Christ. I encouraged her to read this bible which had accompanied me for years. She told me she would read the Bible I gave her.  
I just pray she would indeed grow in the Lord using the Bible I just gave her.  
Today I was reminded by giving her my Bible that Christ is the Giver and the love of the Giver for the lost is indeed the best gift I can ever possess. All other things pale in comparision. Giving her the bible is nothing compared to the love of our Saviour who gave Himself for us. I thank God for being able to be a blessing to someone who has a greater need than I have. Thank God :)

Simon (Singapore T1 & T6) is a Forensic Scientist dealing with DNA and various projects throughout the region.  He was in the first Singapore Team to come over and now he was able by God's grace to come back for the final week.  This has been his first e-Campaign.

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