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Building Bridges For The Gospel To Cross Into Lives! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011
Week 5, Day 33

From Rosie:
Today, the Gospel rolled like a wave through this entire campus!

We set out early in the morning as usual! As we arrived and were piling out of the van we heard them announcing their special speaker, Dr. Mike Redick, who would be speaking at their leadership workshop conference. The student council leaders (in their pink shirts) greeted us right away and from that point on each of us was assigned to be accompanied by one.

After Dr. Redick’s speech we were ushered by the student leader to go into every classroom on that campus that had morning classes! We had lunch break – together with the student council. After lunch a group of us were escorted again to cover afternoon classes.

Early in the evening we had a Film Showing/ Gospel Night. While Pr. Chris(Grace Bapt, Cebu) preached, the student leaders came in and made sure that we covered all of the night classrooms simultaneously!

There was one class the teacher didn’t allow my teammate to enter. As my teammate was walking away, two students chased her and asked her to come back at 8pm because they wanted their classmates to hear what we had to bring! It’s such a joy to see God’s word speak to hearts! I can think of teachers who were just amazed by the Words of Scripture and were touched. Every (available) student on that Campus heard the Gospel--some even it heard twice!

One of the neatest things about the student leaders is that they were with us all day and into the evening! Some of them heard the Gospel 5-9 times! Many of these student leaders made professions of faith after this!

In the first classroom I entered, I could tell the student leader didn’t know exactly what was going on because her introduction of me was “and she is going to speak today about… about the God.” It was obvious that she wasn’t even sure WHO I believed in and that she wasn’t sure of the message that I had to bring. After that first class though – she made a decision to accept God’s gift through Jesus! Her introduction changed; “and she is going to teach us the important truth of God from His word.”

We became quite attached to the student leaders who’d been assigned to us for an exciting day! --So much so even that the parting time wasn’t easy. As all of the student leaders gathered around us you would have thought we’d known each other for a very long time-many of us now knit together in the Spirit!

Ptr Chris preaching during the
Gospel Night!
Thank God for believers such as Ptr. Chris and SMCians who have Bible Studies there every week—already poised for the followup! Please ask the LORD to keep this door open and to grow the new believers! Remember too the precious ones who rejected the Son on that day, that they too would soon receive the Son as the only One to save them!

We got home at 10:30 pm, tired but again completely fulfilled in His work!
From Rosie (Brazil/PM's A-Team)

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