Monday, 1 August 2011

Are You Afraid To Die? ...No, I'm the Night Guard!

Kaylin, 14, is a student
 from Pennsylvania. 
She is joining the 
campaign for the 
entire 6 weeks.

On Bohol, in the city of Tagbilaran, we often stay in a Pensionne House (Guest House) called the El Portal.  The many teams who have stayed there have gotten to know the staff, who are very welcoming, so much so that a stop there feel almost like going home! It is near the SMCI Centre and Growpoint Church. The place is clean, and quiet and cheap.  Downstairs there is a small reception area with a front desk, settee, today’s newspaper and a dining area open to the guests. There’s pretty good internet sometimes too. It was here that Kaylin had this experience on 29 July 2011:
"I went down stairs last evening to write in my journal, and when I sat down ready to start, the Night Guard, Kuya (polite term meaning older brother) R, came over and started to talk to me. He asked me what I was doing and the conversation went on from there.
I asked if he had ever shot anyone before, and he said no. I asked him if he was afraid to die. And his reply was “no, because I am a good person, and I am Night Guard who protects people”. The Lord used that to open up many different doors. He kept on asking questions and so the Lord allowed me to give him the Gospel!
One of the many illustrations that the Lord led me to use was the “gift exchange”. I gave him my pink pen as a free gift… just like salvation is a free gift. He had a very strong religious background involving works, so it was difficult to explain to him that the things man does to merit favor with God meant nothing-that Jesus Christ, and he alone, had already paid the price completely for our sins.
At the end of our conversation, Kuya R prayed and accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour! Praise the Lord, he now understands! After he prayed he took his prayer beads out of his pocket and gave them to me. He said “here, this was my grandfather’s, you can keep it… it is a gift!” That just sealed it in my mind that he truly put his faith in Jesus Christ alone. He doesn’t need them anymore. He is not trusting in his good works or religious practices… but in Jesus Christ alone!"
Pray for Kuya "R" that the Bohol Growpoint Church and SMCI team will be able to follow up with him and even reach his family!

Open your eyes… 
the fields are white unto 


  1. Kaylin, This is so Beautiful! Oh that God Will send help to this man, to be discipled and his family accept The LORD too!Thank you so much for sharing this story of the LORD'S Saving hand! I continue to pray for all of you.
    When we pray for God to work, and open doors for us to serve and speak His Word, HE DOES!
    Praying for another day of God's protection, His power and love to cast down enemy plans; for eyes ears, and hearts to be opened to the Truth; for strength, good health and stamina for the workers; for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment for the workers; for unity and harmony within the teams of workers, and for God to be glorified in ALL THINGS said and done! And being that God said for us to come to Him with our supplications, and request, and with thanksgiving, I am doing just that, and believing HE STILL ANSWERS! ( Philippians 4:6) (Jer. 33:3)

  2. I just read Kaylin's testimony about sharing the gospel with the guard at El Portal and now something makes sense!

    The other day we were all walking into the El Portal and on the reception desk was a large stack of our tracts. I saw them and motioned to Pm asking if I should take them. We assumed that the AZ team had accidentally left them behind and we didn't want them to be wasted so we both grabbed some and walked away. Then I thought, I should inform the receptionist that I was taking them. When I did she said 'Oh no. They were not left behind. The guard is passing them out to people who walk by the hotel. To my knowledge he was not saved so I thought it was weird - nice, but weird! Now it makes sense ;) Not weird at all!!!!!

  3. Josh de la Rosa2 August 2011 at 22:09

    WOAH!!!! This is an awesome testimony! I was cleaning out my luggage on the last day I was there and I guess I had a huge stack of tracks. I left them in the desk in our room when Pastor Ball and I checked out! I thought it was a shame to waste all those tracks and felt bad to leave it behind, but we were running late. I prayed that whoever found them would use them and not just dump them all in the trash. Crazy!!!


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