Tuesday, 9 August 2011

9 Aug 2011, Davao: On Her Very 1st Day!

Rachel has just arrived from PA to join the 6th week of the campaign.  It has been Rachel's prayer and that of her mum and others that she would be able to use her abilbity to "sign" to reach those precious deaf who would be along the e-Campaign trail. This was her first day of Campaigning!!

From Rachel:

What an amazing first day of spreading the “Good News” of Jesus Christ! God opened up an opportunity today for me to witness to 8 young eager souls with eyes to listen, for their ears could not.

As I sat in our van awaiting my opportunity I looked to my right and saw two girls signing to each other. Was it just by chance that I saw them signing? I THINK NOT! It was God’s divine and wonderful plan for me to look and see these forgotten and somewhat forsaken children.

As I think back on today I am reminded of Moses in Exodus 4:10-13 where God reminds Moses that He doesn’t only make creations that appear perfect to us, but His creations ARE perfect in His eyes. Every person was and is divinely formed by the hands of God!

Wow! Who am I to deliver such a saving message? With exuberance bursting inside and eager hands to teach I jumped out of the van and ran right over to the girls signing as I went. I had never seen such shocked faces before. Their eyes begged me to communicate and their hands were eager to talk. As we gathered all the deaf, we were ushered to their one room school house, which was separate from the rest of the school. My heart leapt with joy as I saw them gleaming with excitement. It was such an honor to be able to teach and explain to these young souls about Jesus and the wonderful gift that He offers, for they had never heard the “Good News” before.

After I gave the Gospel, all the 8 souls eagerly raised their hands declaring their decision to accept Christ into their hearts (**it is important to note that pretty much every religious young person in the campaign has already "accepted Jesus into their hearts" based on what they know. What Rachel taught is the part they don't know, she was asking them to do is trust Christ alone to save them from sin, death and hell  because of Christ's finished work! ;) and wanting a personal relationship with God. After I was finished, several of them said that they wanted to share the “Good News” with their parents. WHAT?! Amen, is all I can say. 

The prayers of so many and especially my mother, who has been praying for months that I might be able to share the Gospel with the deaf, have come to fruition by the grace of God and His divine working. As I reflect back, my heart is awed in amazement at God’s wonderful working. I praise Him for allowing me to be able to be a part of His wonderful plan. 

Walk with the King today and see His wonderful works.

God bless,

Wow, the Spirit goes ahead making the way,
 we see His footprints and follow only if our eyes are open to His leading! Rachel is from BBC in PA and works as a supervisor. She has taken some annual leave to join the campaign.  
This is her first e-Campaign.

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