Tuesday, 9 August 2011

8 Aug 2011, Davao: God Is Amazing!

From Simon (Singapore)
Today went to a high school. Shared the gospel with a class where the teacher stayed with us and heard the gospel! At the end, she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.  
While collecting back the decision slips, she asked whether a Bible study class could be done for her class. I said yes and I would inform the SMCI about her request. 
I met Geraldine, an SMCI worker later and told her the request that was made by the teacher. Geraldine and I went to see the teacher who clarified her request was made on behalf of the students and only if her students desired to have Bible studies. I hadn't looked at the slips yet but took a quick look and realised the teacher was indeed "prophetic". Most of her students ( more than 70%) wanted Bible studies!  
I told the teacher that indeed most of her class of students wanted Bible studies. Geraldine got the contact of the teacher and will be following up on the Bible studies.  
God never ceases to amaze you!

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