Wednesday, 31 August 2011

From the Heart of Leah (CO Team 2)

SMCI e-Campaign 2011
From the Heart Series

As we made the 7 hour trek back to our base in Dumaguete, I was reminded of a quote that I absolutely love. Henry Varley, a friend of D.L. Moody, said, "The world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in and by the man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him."

My heart is full of thanksgiving for all that God did this past week. Nearly 50,000 souls made a profession of faith in Christ. How can or could I begin to describe this past week in words??

During my week of serving with SMCI, God took me beyond my comfort zone when I got up in front of classrooms full of students to teach the gospel. I learned to depend on Him for words to speak, and to be His mouthpiece.

I absolutely loved the students! The Lord reminded me that those we taught aren't "just children" they are SOULS who have an eternal destiny... souls that Jesus died for, and souls who He loves so very much.

I was inspired & encouraged as I saw the zeal that the Filipino Christians (who we worked with this week) have, and yet I was deeply humbled & convicted for my own lack of fervency & TRUE passion for the ministry & evangelism. The Filipino Christians who we worked with absolutely love to serve God at any cost.

My heart was gripped & challenged as one person told me this past week, "We as Christians have no business being in the ministry if we cannot first go & evangelize." So many "Christians" today might be willing to do some kind of service in the church, but are we first winning souls for Jesus Christ -- the number one priority for us as believers?

My prayer is that the Lord would continue to enable me to be His faithful witness around the corner & around the world!

Leah joined the campaign with 
Front Range Baptist Church from Fort Collins, CO. 
She is a free lance photographer and nanny.
This was her first campaign.

Picture Taken By Leah Cross-this was her favorite.

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Next Step For SMCI!

From Evangelist Mike Redick:

On August 15, after six grueling weeks, our Evangelistic Campaign in the Philippines officially ended. We thank the Lord for the many people who heard and responded to the Gospel. We are also thankful for the many people from around the world who had a part in making this year's e-Campaign a wonderful success.

Our team in the Philippines, Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI) did a wonderful job by securing permission to preach the gospel in several hundreds of high school, college and university campuses. During the six weeks nearly 100 people from Singapore, Brazil, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and the US joined our local teams for this year's e-campaign. Together we preached the gospel 5,248 times, reaching 263,023 people with 161,988 of those made salvation decisions. In addition we passed out over 300,000 gospel tracts and 10,000 gospel pamphlets.

The Prayer Warrior teams were amazing in their steadfast prayer day by day and it was evident that the LORD heard and answered! This year there were well over 9 thousand people joining in the prayer teams from all over the world!

It was a great campaign! And the Lord far exceeded our expectations. It was very exciting to be able to enter a school and within one to two hours to present a clear and simple, yet accurate, Gospel to every person on that campus-and this we did hundreds of times. It was also encouraging to see God work both in the lives of those who heard the Gospel and those who preached the Gospel.

We just starting the difficult task of follow up and are in the process of getting the first 10,000 Bibles sent to our SMCI centers to give to the many who made decisions during the campaign. Please continue to pray for our follow-up work. 

From the fruit of last year's ecampaign, we had nearly 5000 people enrolled in weekly discipleship classes. We are asking the Lord to give us 10,000 people to disciple this year. 

Please pray with us. 

Evangelist Mike Redick is the International Director of SMCI

Sunday, 21 August 2011

From The Heart Of Kaylin (PA), 14

SMCI e-Campaign
From the Heart Series
Kaylin (Pennsylvania) Weeks 1-6

I Know What Happened Counted For Eternity 
I had a hard time getting to the Philippines... I was delayed a whole day, and almost delayed the second. By the time I got to the Manila they wouldn't let me into the country because I didn't have all the right papers. When I finally arived and met Pastor Mike again he said to me, "Kaylin, the devil has tried so hard to keep you away that I believe the Lord is going to do something powerful through you, and to you!" and do you know what... HE HAS! The Lord has changed my life forever, and used the Holy Spirit through me to spread the Good News to thousands of kids my age! 

Here in the states, you hear many different stories about what the Lord can do, but for the past 6 weeks, I lived it! God, and the Power of God has just become so much more real to me. Especially the power of prayer. We prayed for everything, and we saw many people make a descision. 

The Lord also opened my eyes to the lost and dying world out there. It is incredible! The thought of so many people dying and going to Hell never really became very real until I saw all those kids in those class rooms, and their precious faces. The thought would often cross my mind weither or not they would go to Heaven or Hell, and they just gave me the burden to tell more people about the Love of God! 

Because of this incredible oppertunity, God has now given me a new burden. I have this desire to tell everyone that I meet about Jesus, or at least give them a tract.  
Everything we do here should count for eternity... whether it is good or bad, that is up to you. But I know that what happened this summer, counted for eternity in thousands of lives.

---Kaylin, (PA) is a 14 year old student.
This was her first, but most probably not her last e-cmapaign!

Friday, 19 August 2011

From the Heart of Chris Brittingham (PA-The Bethel Gang)

SMCI e-Campaign 2011
From the Heart Series

Just When I Thought God Couldn't, He Did!
Chris Brittingham, PA-The Bethel Gang

This was the second time I was able to serve in the SMCI e-Campaign in the Philippines, and I have seen the Lord work like never before! I saw Him open doors when it seemed there was no possible way to open them. Just when I would think God couldn't, He did, and it made me realize that I limit God way to much in my own thinking. He is limitless, and he is all powerful. There are many examples where I witnessed the power of God first hand. One day we went into schools, and it was exam day. The first school shut us down and said no. The principal said that it was unlikely that we would be able to get into any schools. We prayed as a van, and at the next school something miraculous happened. The principal said that the exam papers were arriving late, and we were able to go in and preach to the school. Some may say it was just coincidence, but we knew it was completely God. God stopped those papers from coming when they should have been there.

On that same day I had preached outside for a while and was feeling extremely sick, I didn't know if I was dehydrated or what, but I knew I was really sick and I didn't know if I could preach at the last school. I just prayed to God to give me the strength to press on. The van ride made me feel worse; we arrived at the high school. I got out, saw all the kids, and knew I had to preach. I planned on only giving a short Gospel message and moving on. Pastor Renz (Growpoint Church Davao/SMCI) took me to a class of 3rd year students. As soon as I stepped into that classroom I felt completely fine! It was amazing as I experienced Gods almighty power. I have never felt anything like that before, and I I knew it was God. That class ended up being one of the most attentive and interested classes I preached too. The teacher also was moved by the Holy Spirit during the time of preaching!

I could go on and on about the big and little things that God used to show me his power during this jam packed week! People may say that God doesn't perform miracles in our day. They may say that the God of Noah, Moses, Abraham doesn't do cool things in this modern world. But HE DOES. I have been able to experience it first hand, and I have heard stories from many others participating in this campaign of Gods power.

A lot of people, including me, go into this for the first time thinking that they are only there to minister to the Filipinos. You are there for that, but God will also minister to you and he will show you great and mighty things over and over again to let you know that he is there.

The evil one has a presence also, and you can feel that he is there trying to distract from our goal to preach, but every time there has been a distraction, God has shown himself more powerful.

The Lord provided over a quarter of a million souls in 6 weeks to hear the gospel. His power is amazing, and He is working in the lives of many people. I am so thankful for this opportunity God has given me the past 2 years of serving in the Philippines with SMCI. It has changed my life. I look forward to participating in this every summer if the Lord wills it! And-I am praying through the year for the brothers and sisters in the Phiilippines!

--Chris Brittingham

Thursday, 18 August 2011

From Jeff Musgrave: "Was It Revival?"

Jeff Musgrave
of The Exchange

An Evaluation of the SMCI e-Campaign 2011

Some have asked if the amazing work of God through the E-Campaign this year is a revival. Over a quarter of a million people heard the Gospel and thousands responded in only six short weeks. Whereas the work that God did in the Philippines was miraculous and glorious, it wasn't revival. It was the normal work of the Gospel done in dependence on the Holy Spirit of God. Our leader, Evangelist Mike Redick, challenged us at the beginning of the campaign with what it takes to capture a city for God. It takes faith, obedience, and courage. We decided to add a 4th point to his message - HARD WORK!

Granted, the Philippines is an unusual place and is uniquely and I believe strategically prepared by God for evangelism. There is a nearly universal belief that sin condemns, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that Jesus is God's Son. In addition, there is an openness in the culture to religious expression and specifically a desire to have a close relationship with God. This makes the Philippines a ripe and fertile ground for a clear, compelling presentation of the Gospel. But there are plenty of fundamental churches in the Philippines that, like their American counterparts, are doing little to reach the lost and are not seeing the rich blessing of the Lord that the SMCI E-Campaign experienced.

The difference is the willingness of the "SMCIans" to step out on faith, obey God and boldly proclaim the Gospel. Several times in Scripture the Gospel is likened to seed. It is powerful and produces life everywhere it is preached. The difference is there was a plan, and an all out effort to carry out that plan by the workers of Student Movement for Christ International. I praise the Lord for every one of the over 140 workers from 5 different countries that assembled there, but I praise the Lord especially for the 70+ full and part time SMCI workers on the ground in the Philippines. They worked tirelessly over the last several months to secure the permissions from individual administrators all over the Visayas. The vision to preach the Gospel to over 1,000,000 people over the next 5 years is not just a dream cast by Mike Redick. It is a burden God has placed on the hearts of the leadership and being carried out by the hard work of the SMCI staff.

Daily in classrooms and gymnasiums we saw the supernatural, normal work of God making a way for His word to penetrate the hearts of needy souls. I can remember many days wondering if my voice and my body would last more than one classroom, let alone the 7-9 I knew were waiting for me that day. But the grace of the Lord is powerful. His strength really is made perfect in our weakness! Many days I felt stronger at the end of the day than I did at the beginning. While the E-Campaign is an extraordinary effort, God will bless our everyday ordinary efforts with the same enabling grace. Frankly, the problem is that many of us are not giving the Gospel a chance.

The prayers recorded by the early church in the New Testament rarely ask God to work in the hearts of the lost they were trying to reach, God's sovereign work of drawing men to Himself seems to have been assumed. Their prayers were for boldness on their part. The need of our day is more confidence in the ever-present power of the Gospel, and more faith inspired obedience to Great Commission Living. Praise the Lord for the faith, obedience, courage, and hard work of Student Movement for Christ. May it inspire us to step out in the same way!
-Jeff Musgrave

What's A Bible Sponsor?

Here is an important message from Pearl Chong and the Bible Sponsors Team!

Standing in Awe of a Faithful God, and growing in Him~

Thank God for the quarter of a million people who heard the Gospel over the past 6 weeks! And thank God for 161,989 people who made decisions during the E-Campaign in the Philippines! 
We stand in awe and give glory to God. Indeed, it is only God who is faithful and able to make all this possible.

Our new brothers & sisters in Christ yearn to read the Bible, know, and grow in Christ - And they need our help! 

A seemingly impossible request~
As a start, we aim to raise funds for 10,000+ Bibles by the end of September. We have been sourcing for Bible suppliers, and are almost ready to place our orders. The average cost of bibles are about S$120/case of 24 bibles- that comes up to about S$50,000 for 417 cases (10,000 bibles) !

A seemingly impossible request to be met in a month! But this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And [] whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. 1John 5:14-15
We're asking, and know that God is faithful to meet our needs.

How you can help!~
Pray and ask the LORD if you should be a Bible Sponsor! Make your Pledge to sponsor a case of Bibles individually, as a family, SF, ABF, Sunday School Class, or a group of friends. For those unable to pledge by case, please feel free to pledge any amount.

Every pledge counts.

To Pledge~

  • Singapore, GLCC folks- please go to the pledge table near the front desk after Sunday service to submit your pledges; Those with 'pre-loved' bibles (must be in good condition) and do not mind passing them on, there will be a Bible drop box at the pledge table every Sunday from now till end September.
  • Singapore, Others, please drop an email to for ways to send your pledges/ pre-loved bibles to us.
  • Overseas-USA, UK, Ireland, Austrailia, etc- Please send your checks and/or 'pre-loved' bibles to [ Nosnuma International, 1520 West Canal Court, Suite 100, Littleton, CO 80120 ] where they will be organized and shipped to different SMCI Chapters. Checks should be made out to Nosnuma International. You will receive a receipt once your pledge is received. 
  • Paypal is available, please send an email to for information.
More information is available on the Facebook Group : "I'm a Bible Sponsor". Join us in making a life-changing difference TODAY!
To contact us, drop us an email at

Thank you!~
I'm A Bible Sponsor!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

This Is What A Hunger For The Word Looks Like!

SMCI e-Campaign 2011
Weeks 1 and 2
From Tim David (USA, Colorado)

"It was just the second time I went into a classroom to preach during the e-campaign.  I was a bit nervous. When I came into the classroom and started preaching I was surprised at how attentive the kids and the teacher were to the gospel.

After I had finished presenting the gospel and was passing out the good news booklets to the kids the teacher came up to me and asked me for a Bible. She said that "she wanted to teach her kids more about this gospel." I went up to the van and looked for one and finally found a new testament in their island language and my own Bible which I use. I took both of them back and as I entered the class to give them to the teacher the whole class erupted into cheers! I've never seen a group of people so excited to receive God's word."
Tim David is a Senior in High School 
from Grand Junction, Colorado, Pear Park Baptist Church. 
This was his second SMCI e-Campaign.

Surprisingly, this is not an uncommon story! Since the e-Campaign concluded last week, there are 1000s of new believers hungry for the Word! That's why the "I'm A Bible Sponsor" group has been formed! If you are interested in helping meet this need for our newest brothers and sisters in Christ, please leave a message in the comments below and we will connect you! Or, find us on Facebook at 
"I'm A Bible Sponsor"
but at the least, please pray for these new believers and ask the LORD to supply His Word in their very hands!

Monday, 15 August 2011

From the Heart of Pastor Randy David Pt 1 of 2

The testimonies of the recent evangelistic campaign may seem overwhelming as might the proposed follow-up plans, but what a great joy and confidence to know that ...

Jesus Knows All Their Names... 

SMCI e-Campaign 2011 Weeks 1-2
From the Heart Series

Ptr Randy David 
(USA/CO The Western Slope Team!)
Leyte and 
Negros Occidental 
Wks 1-2

"The last school I spoke in before heading home, after I presented the gospel and gave the invitation,  I told the class that if they genuinely trusted Christ as their Savior, that even though I may never see them again in the Philippines I would see them in heaven again someday.  

As I moved to the back of the room to pick up decision slips, all of a sudden a girl jumped to her feet and turned to me and said, "I want you to know my name."  Seeing her new found faith so real in her that she wanted me to know her name when we meet again in heaven thrilled my soul.  

(The picture is not that great but she is the healthy girl in the center-right.)"

Randy David and his family minister with 
Pear Park Baptist Church in CO where is the pastor! 
His wife Carrie, is the coordinator of the 
Western Slopers Prayer team-
a "mighty in the LORD" band of Prayer Warriors! 

This was the second campaign for Randy and his son Tim 
and also for the Western Slope Prayer Warriors! ;)

Friday, 12 August 2011

SMCI e-Campaign 2011 Day 40 of 40

Today Is the Last Official Day of the e-Campaign

Please continue to pray! There has been flooding during the night that has the potential to hinder evangelism on this, the final official day of the e-Campaign!

FAQ #5 Is It All Just Easy Believe-ism?

"How can so many people
be getting saved?
It must be easy believe-ism."

From: Mike Redick, SMCI International Director

Having preached the gospel to tens of thousands of people and having seen large numbers of people respond to the gospel I have often asked myself, 'Are these decisions real?" Several years ago I was in a particular city in the Philippines preaching on several university campuses. The Lord was wonderfully moving and lots of young people were making salvation decisions.

The following year I was in the same city visiting the local Christian book store. The manager came to me and said, 'Last year when you were preaching on the campuses so many young people were coming into the store looking for Bibles that I wanted to know what was going on so I attended one of your evening meetings and the Lord spoke to me that I should start a church so I did." Then he asked If I would preach in his church on Sunday. I agreed.

When I entered his church on that Sunday morning and started meeting people I was amazingly pleased to know that the majority of his 60 or so church members had been saved in our crusades the previous year. As I left the church that Sunday the Lord spoke to me saying, "The converts may be lost to you and your ministry but they are not lost to me." This has helped to keep me and my team preaching the Gospel faithfully where ever the door is open.

In reality, this kind of thing happens to me all over the Philippines. I was once in a fast food restaurant in a small out of the way town and the guard stopped our team going in and said, "I was saved several years ago when you preached in my college campus."

Mike Redick
SMCI International Director
We preach an honest and clear Gospel. We preach that all men are sinners separated from God that there is an eternal punishment for sin. We preach that Jesus Christ came into this world and died on the cross-paying the penalty for all our sin. We preach that in order for man to be saved that they must repent of their sin and in faith trust Jesus Christ alone as their personal savior and Lord. Having preached a clear Gospel, we then call people to decide.

We are very careful not to give people a false sense of assurance. Those who decide are never classified as saved. We simply acknowledge the fact that they responded to the message preached and thus made a decision for salvation. We give everyone a 'Good News' gospel tract, we then get the names and particulars of those who made a decision and for the next few months our SMCI team will work at following them up.

If that is easy believe-ism then I stand guilty.

(first published 2 Aug 2010)

From the Heart of Cheryl T (Singapore)

SMCI e-Campaign 2011
From the Heart Series

Cheryl (right) getting instructions from
SMCI Staff member
All Things Become New!

Stepping out of your comfort zone right into God's hand moving is one of the best steps we can take--just ask Chery Tan! ;)

This is from Cheryl, Singapore Team...

We were at a school where young men are trained to be Mariners yesterday. After one room to room evangelism, I was looking around for the next one when I saw Raymond (SMCI) waving! He said he had found another class for me to preach to.

When I stepped into the classroom, I realized it was an air-conditioned enclosed room. There were four students sitting inside waiting for class to start. As I began introducing myself, 10 more students came in, so I had 14 male students in the class. Even though I was quite fearful to close the door, I still did it as it was quite noisy outside.

As I placed my bag on the table, there was this guy in the front row wearing a cap. With a straight face he asked me, "Are you going to preach about God's word?' I was surprised and at the same time taken aback as I thought he was not going to be interested but when I said 'yes I am' he took off his cap, sat up and looked at me-- ready to listen.

I started sharing the Gospel with them and when I was about 3/4 through, I noticed the same guy taking out his handkerchief to wipe away tears and place it at his nose. When I asked for a decision, he was one of the first few to raise his hand and he made the decision that day to accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior.

As I walked toward him to collect his decision slip, I couldn't help but notice the dramatic change in his countenance, he had a smile and i could see joy. I knew he had been born again. Praise the Lord!

10 Aug 2011

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away;
behold, all things have become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Photos: Day 38, Wed "But You Have To Be Ready to Start At 6:30 a.m.!"

Week 6, Day 38
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 CDO

"So, there is an opportunity for a mass evangelism, but you have to start by 6:30 a.m. "
What are we waiting for?!

Arriving at the campus prayer and instructions 
from today's fearless leader, Ptr. Ian!

The two pastors on a mission!

 "Good Morning Visitors"

Students beginning to arrive on campus.

Watching and praying as they stream in through the rain... 
a real moment of truth is coming!

Here we go! Asking the LORD to stop the rain so that the assembly would not be cancelled... but He didn't. Believing He was in control we went forward... a covered court! Thank you LORD!

Pastor Mitch of the GrowPoint Church Dumaguete introducing the team. Pastor Mitch and his wife Fily Joy came over to this island to help this newer work with their very first Evangelistic Campaign! Also, they said that they wanted more opportunities to preach the gospel!

Today's first harvest field-2500 students, teachers, and staff! 
White unto harvest...

Time for an action song to break the ice! 
"Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!"

Ptr Ian preaching the Gospel!

Unseen prayer warrior and secret listeners!

One decision...

The Invitation...

 Everyone got to hear the Gospel this morning...

and take it home!

 Making public profession

SMCI publicly thanked the school administrators for allowing us to come and gave a certificate of appreciation - building bridges for future ministry