Friday, 22 July 2011

Yesterday, God Held Back The Rain! ;)

Every year the LORD does marvelous things in the e-Campaign to enable souls to hear the Gospel and be saved.  This year is no exception! This just in from the teams...

From PLarry (AZ Re:vive Team)

They told me that I should write this year's weather story. :). 

Our team had just finished a small rural school and we were heading for our final school of the day when the dark rain clouds burst with a downpour. We knew that in a half hour there would be several mass evangelisms taking place outside involving very large crowds.  

One of the SMCI team immediately said " Pastor Larry, you need to pray for God to withhold the rain." Being the leader that I am I immediately obeyed! :). Within 30 seconds the rain slowed down and in a few minutes it stopped completely!  The outdoor meetings were greatly blessed with large crowds and many decisions.  

As we left our team gave  thanks to the Lord and then outwardly said, "now Lord you can let it rain.". It poured rain most of the way home. 20 minutes from Dumaguete we spotted 3 waterspouts forming over the ocean and coming our way.  Our prayer then turned to "Lord get us home!" He did and we are looking forward to another day of serving Him.

We praise the LORD for using PLarry, (who is also Director of IBM) for his servant's heart. We thank God for for the obvious gift He has given him to preach the Gospel and for his gentle, kind spirit! Keep on!

(Will try to add pics and a video of the 3 tornado's on the water!)

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