Sunday, 3 July 2011

WEEK 1's Combined e-Campaign Team Has Arrived In Leyte!

Today Is Sunday And This Is Leyte!

Yes, WEEK 1's combined e-Campaign Team has arrived in Leyte!
(Well, almost! The last three members, Kim, Rosie, and Kaylin will step off the ferry in just a few hours!)

Today, the SMCI Leyte Team divided them into 4 groups and sent them  in different directions to minister in 4 different churches!  What a great encouragement for SMCI Leyte to have the gifts of 4 pastors with them to share and to minister in churches and be a blessing to them!

R, K, and KL Delayed In Manila,
In The Ferry Now!
They returned for a time of training with Pastor Mike and an introduction of some of "the Exchange" material brought along by Jeff and Anna Musgrave for the Leyte SMCI members.

After that they spent time in prayer together, had an early dinner and hopefully an early night!

Will be adding pictures as soon as they come in! Check back...

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