Sunday, 17 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Weekend 16/17 July

The Weekend!
Week 2, Day 13 Saturday
Week 3, Day 14 Sunday
Negros Oriental

It was a great weekend! A bit of rest, a bit of fellowship.  Some farewells for now and a few welcome to the teams! They did 3 mass evangelisms--one on Saturday and two on Sunday.

The teams attended churches born out of the SMCI Campus Ministry on Sunday!

Sunday afternoon there were 1600 ROTC cadets waiting to hear the Gospel! There was a brown-out and so there was no electricity for a sound system. PMike divided them into groups and four of the fellows preached to 400 each! Thank God there was still a wonderful response! Thanks LORD, you have the plan and we can trust You always!

(The pics are from Sunday afternoon.)

Weekend Totals:  
Opportunities To Preach:       3
People Who Heard The Gospel: 3050
People Who Made Decisions: Many, But Not Able to Determine ;)

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