Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Wednesday 6 July

Sogod, Leyte Week 1, Day 3

Opportunities to Preach:    125
People Who Heard the Gospel: 7,191
People Who Made Decisions: 3,475

The team split in five groups today--all heading south . . . four vans and one motor bike team (Tim David and PRene hit the rocky mountain roads on motor bikes.) And yes, by the end of the day everyone had arrived safely in Sogod!

Mrs. Bither (74/ J-Team) preached 7 times today!

PJeff got to speak to the new students and their parents at Southern Leyte State University High School.

PJeff giving the invitation
The administrator at SLSU said, 'We like it when people come here and preach Christ. We don't get that very often.'  She was not a believer but was very open and said that the spiritual activities that SMCI offers are what she has been looking for for her students. A new campus opened! Praise the LORD!

Divisoria National Highschool - Sogod, Leyte
Today the Lord moved mightily in a 4th year high school class while Lot Lot (SMCI, Leyte Staff) preached the gospel.  Almost the whole class was in tears as she urged them to receive Jesus as their LORD and Saviour!  Many received Christ. She writes:

From Lot Lot (SMCI, Leyte Staff):
I told them about the seriousness of sin and hell and about forgiveness of sins, that no matter how deep our sins are, God can forgive us. "You know your sins, you know your secret sins. If you were to view your life like a movie, it would scare us all...the shame..."  the students got serious. They were really thinking. I told then about Christ and His love, the students started crying. "Think about your own life, your own soul." I said. 

44 students were present. 44 professed!
We prayed and they raised their hands. We prayed again and they raised their hands again. They were very silent. 
Totals To Date:
Opportunities To Preach:       476
Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  24, 233
Persons Who Made Decisions:   13, 101

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