Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Tuesday 5 July

Leyte, Week 1 Day 2

What a great day! The LORD is so good! At least 15 high schools and colleges were swept with the Gospel room to room!  One college alone had over 90 classrooms full of students who heard the Gospel!

Ron and Linda heading out! ;)
Bags full of tracts, hopes high!
Today's Totals
Opportunities To Preach:    155
Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  9382
People Who Made Decisions:  4774

The team has been staying in guest housing on the campus of Visca State University, Leyte, in a somewhat remote, but well placed area.  They are able to travel just 2 hours or so to campuses in many different directions! That is why they have had no Internet and poor phone connection.  All is well though and tomorrow when they leave they will hit colleges and high schools all the way to the next accommodation in Sogod, Leyte.

Rosie and some students
Today was Rosie's first day to  proclaimed the truth today and she gave the Gospel in 9 classrooms in one day! Wow!

They managed to get out a few pics, PTL! Hoping for even more tomorrow!

Eishen (SMCI Staff)
Those who are new to the campaign are often assigned mentors to help and guide with the Gospel presentation.  It's a precious 20 minutes and we don't want anyone to miss the Gospel message! In the pics are Kaylin (PA) and her mentor Eishen (SMCI Staff) in a classroom.  Eishen is giving the Gospel and Kaylin distributes some literature and decision slips.  What a great team! ;)

Kaylin (PA, USA)

Totals To Date
Opportunities To Preach:  351
Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  17,042
People Who Made Decisions:  9052

"Happy are the people whose God is the LORD!"


  1. Thanks so much for the update and pictures. Praise The LORD for this opportunity! The fields are ripe, and praise the LORD for those going out as laborers for Christ.
    I am praying for and with you. I am excited to see what great works the LORD hath done and the great and mighty things He is showing us.

    Excited to see that there really is a place and people hungry for The WORD OF GOD! So wonderful to hear the good news, that many are coming to Believe and are now His Children, our sisters and brothers in Christ.

    This is evidence that there IS HOPE! God IS hearing our prayers and Answering. I will not stop asking, seeking , knocking! Jeremiah 33:3

  2. Another fantastic day! And it was good to see a picture of my Kaylin. Praying for the entire team!


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