Saturday, 16 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Friday 15 July

Week 2, Day 12
Negros Occidental

It's been an amazing week! The good LORD made a way for us and drew many souls to the saving grace He has provided! Well, yesterday was a fun reunion for the teams who had been separated for the week doing what SMCI Director Mike Redick calls, "Cowboy Evangelism" in Negros Occidental! They got dropped on different corners and met in between!  It was hard work but every team member will say it was glorious!!

Today the combined team traveled back to Dumaguete, preached along the way and tonight are settled snug in their beds at the Pensionne House with air con, wifi, room service, laundry and MacDonalds that delivers--all if they want! There will be Mass Evangelism meetings tomorrow and some time to rest.  

Remember to pray for those who heard this week and did not believe and for those who did and especially for wisdom for those who follow up! 

Today's Totals:
Preaching Opportunities:        54
People Who Heard The Gospel:  4564
People Who Made Decisions:   2131

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