Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 24, Wed July 27th

Wed, 27 July
Week 4, Day 24

What a wonderful day today! Many great victories--but the team is very tired!!
Very few people realize just how utterly exhausting being on this kind of a campaign can be!  Up early, travel and preach, talk to students in the blazing sun, travel (ptl for mostly aircon-ed vehicles this year), preach, talk to students, wait, pray, wait, pray, travel, preach... :) It's wonderful, but exhausting!

  • We expect the spiritual attack and refining, even if we are a bit surprised at the fierceness of our enemy--and that his main tool may be one of our teammates!  
  • We expect the emotional distress caused by a dealing with several cultures, being away from home and the familiar, a new environment and food as well as being totally without rights--instructed where and what to eat, where and when to sleep, when and what to speak, etc! 
  • However, one of the really surprising things is the physical exhaustion which is experienced almost immediately by the labourers-it's hot, it's humid and the pace is grueling--we are truly on a desperate mission! We believe as Christians we should put much effort into preparing and fulfilling the Great Commission! That's why we suggest you build your immunities, exercise, even do some endurance running, just to get ready. We PTL for every person willing to pay the price to serve for any amount of time! Frankly, the entire SMCI ministry gears up for a year for these precious 6 weeks!  It's not a holiday, but we guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a greater experience as a believer! and that's why the people who commit for the entire 6 week campaign are called "PM's A-Team!" ;)

All this to say... those of you still getting ready to come: PA Team 2, MBCC Team 1, Singapore Teams 5 & 6--be ready! And those of you who are praying, the labourers are very, very tired and there is still much to do!
Please remember them in prayer!

Jurgen has already left us and the rest of AZ2:Re:vive Team will be heading home tomorrow! The LORD has worked in their lives wonderfully! He has shaped them and refined them, and has used them for the Kingdom in an wonderfully eternal way! We are very thankful!

Today the LORD allowed:
93 Opportunities to Preach the Gospel resulting in 
3,725 People Hearing the Gospel and 
1546 People Making Decisions!

All Glory To Him!

Please pray for 

  1. safety on the muddy, curvy roads
  2. power in preaching
  3. conviction of sin
  4. that the enemy would be bound from influence hindering the LORD's plans
  5. for safety as the AZ2: Re:vive Team begins their journey home

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  1. Praying for God to be exalted among the heathen and among His children. Praying for the team to have the strength and stamina they need. Especially to have clean hearts and right spirits, and God to be poured out through them into other lives.
    To God be the glory for Great things He hath done!

    Isaiah 55:11


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