Sunday, 31 July 2011

This Is What Praying Does!

Friday, 29 July 2011
Day 26 of 40

from Rosie (Brazil) and Elzon (SMCI)...

"We were waiting for the next classroom when a teacher approached and began talking to my team mates. After a couple minutes I was walking into this teacher’s classroom to give the Gospel. I waited in the back as they honored Mary at the beginning of their class. I was then invited to the front with this introduction; “this is Rosie from Brazil and she is here to answer your questions…”

"I got right into the message of the Gospel and at the end of class the invitation to receive Christ’s payment for our sins and hell was made. Decision slips were then passed out and one was also handed to the teacher. I watched as the teacher walked to the front of the room to get a pen out of his desk to fill out the slip. As he was writing I could hear him saying out loud “I accept Jesus as my Savior”. The sound of his voice and HIS WORDS put a big smile on my face! As I retrieved the slips from them I saw on the back of his slip that he indeed had trusted Christ!"

Now what I didn’t know was that before class when he was talking to my team mate he had told her that he really likes what SMCI is doing on a weekly basis on their campus through Bible studies. He told my team mate that he had so many questions about life and Christianity that he wanted answered. My team mate then told him that I would be going into his class room and that I would be able to answer his questions! It was his day of salvation! It was God’s divine appointment with this precious soul who was so earnestly seeking and as the Bible promises those who seek – this teacher found the ANSWER he was looking for – JESUS CHRIST!"

This is exactly what God does when we pray and step forward in faith believing! Keep praying prayer warriors--the teams will keep stepping out! 

Let's ask the LORD to connect those who are crying out to know Him to those with the truth! ;)


  1. Praise the LORD that He showed you what He has done for this teacher! I am asking God to use each one of you to open many more hearts to His message of salvation. And that He provide discipling for those who accept it!

  2. This beautiful story made me cry. I see that God can reach, God can break through systems like government and schools, God can reach the hearts of those who think they KNOW it all because of head knowledge of the world or professors, God can break any heart, God can open anyone's eye, God has ALL POWER in Heaven and EARTH!
    The enemy is cast down! God is NOT Mocked! Praise The LORD! There IS HOPE , and the Hope is in JESUS CHRIST!

    I am so glad I have joined this team, (even if I am only praying, and I am here in the USA) and that I am invited to see the WORKS OF THE LORD, THE MERCY OF THE LORD, THE LOVE OF THE LORD.

    I also want to thank you , everyone of you for your testimonies and updates. This has brought Glory to The LORD! You are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!
    I am praying for you all each day and for the new brothers and sisters in Christ!

    It is exciting to be a part of God's family. Even in the Storms and trials, even on the old battle field, we KNOW GOD IS WITH US ALWAYS, and it is a privilege and Honor to be His child!

  3. Nonsense! ;) Don't say "only praying?" :) It takes all of us-- depending on the Spirit of God-- doing our part! We are the BODY! And the body is moving together for the LORD's glory! :) Praise the LORD for all the Prayer Warriors who have joined the team! ;) So many of the team members have written to say how encouraging it is to read notes from the prayer warriors on the blog and facebook! Thank God for you and for every one who is standing in the gap and holding the ropes others go down into the valley to rescue the perishing!

    Who knows, perhaps the Lord will allow us to hold the ropes for you another day!

    Onward without apology!! ;)


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