Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Testimony: e-Campaign 2011, Wednesday 6 July

Simon, Ormac City, Day 2
It was my privilege to talk by text with a few team members via WhatsApp today! My chat with Simon (GLCC, Singapore) was amazing, I wanted to share a bit of it with you. I do hope he doesn't mind ;) 

  • Simon: Hi Sis Lisa, I am in a Internet cafe having a break.  Sending a pic of a high school in Ormac City yesterday in Leyte.
  • Me:  Oh Simon thanks PTL! That's great! :)
  • Simon: It's tiring but it is a joy to c the hand of God moving among the students..
  • Me: Amen! :) great! Praying for you! have you been preaching.
  • Simon:  Yes, did 5 classrooms today. Thanks for praying
  • Me:  Whew whew! PTL! ;) were they receptive?
  • Simon:  Yep, except for 5 persons who did not make decisions, the rest did in the classes I shared
  • Me: Oh! Better pray for those 5! Are the classes big?
  • Simon:  Smallest was 22 and the biggest is 120

Simon is a full-time Christian, part time Forensic Scientist! ;) He was one of those guys who went to the tsunami sites to help collect DNA info for identification from 1000's of bodies. I have always respected him for many reasons--a fine Christian man!  I was so touched by the fact that he knew out of all the many students he spoke to today just exactly how many had chosen not to trust Christ!  He was deeply concerned for those 5 . . .

With all that is happening in the campaign---(I mean let's face it, almost 25,000 people have heard a clear Gospel message in the first 3 days and more than half of them have made decisions for Christ!)---it's easy to lose track of "the trees for the forest!" so to speak and just see the big numbers!  Jesus died for each one, personally, individually-- reading Simon's chat I was reminded of the "99 and 1" and Christ's great love for each one!  :) Perhaps we needed the reminder early on in the campaign! Thanks LORD.

And thanks Simon, I am praying for the 5!

Simon's spending his annual leave at the campaign.  His verse for life and the campaign is:

"All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; 
and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."  
John 6:37

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