Thursday, 7 July 2011

Testimony: e-Campaign 2011, Thursday 7 July

Kaylin at the Manila airport
"... it's the prayer, it's different ... "

Kaylin, (14, Pennsylvania)

Kaylin is the youngest campaign participant ever thus far! She joined the campaign as part of Pm's A-Team for the entire 6 weeks!  After just one day of mentoring from Eishen, she began speaking in classrooms on Tuesday and has now preached the gospel 12 times in 2 days to over 1000 students--mostly to people who have never heard it before!

She shared tonight (Wed)  that the thing she is learning the most here is about PRAYER! 
". . . to pray about everything! Pray before we go into a classroom, pray to thank God for what He has done, pray to thank God for what we expect Him to do, pray when we get back to our we pray about everything...back home teenagers wouldn't even think of praying like that."  --Kaylin
It's true that prayer is a huge part of the work, 
but prayer simply demonstrates total dependence on the LORD to do the work He has said He desires to do!  

It is actually a matter of faith, believing God is who He says He is!  Believing the fields are white, asking the LORD to bring the harvest, then stepping forward--"the sole of the shoe touching the Jordan"-- so to speak, and giving God the glory for all!  

Yes, there is a focus on prayer--because in prayer we cast our dependence on the indwelling Spirit of God, we worship the LORD, thank Him, commune with Him, present ourselves a living sacrifice and so much more! ;)
"God's way is perfect.

All the Lord's promises prove true. 
He is a shield for all who look to him for protection."

-from Psalm 18:30

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  1. Praise The LORD for this beautiful testimony! God does hear and answer. He does deserve the prayer of thanks, and honor.
    He is our shield and protector.
    Prayer truly does show our Dependence on our Father, Our trust in our Father.
    Thank you Kaylin!

    I am praying for all of the teams, and for God's lighting your paths, placing His Words on your heart and tongue, and preparing those you will speak with. I also pray for God to destroy the enemy's plans of distraction.

    I rejoice with all of you over the many souls saved. And pray for the others to ponder on what they have heard from the Word of God.


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