Friday, 8 July 2011

Testimony: e-Campaign 2011, Fri 8 July Anna M.

Anna preaching the Gospel
Anna M
Sogod, Leyte, Week 1, Day 4

Anna and her husband Jeff, have signed up for the duration---the entire 6 week campaign! She sent this yesterday...

"What a wonderful day (Thursday!) I got to deal with a young college student one-on-one.  'J' went from thinking he could be saved by keeping the golden rule to trusting Jesus Christ alone to forgive his sins and get him to heaven. 

Later, PMike and I passed a bunch of young people who had 50 minutes before their next class. We asked if they would like to spend some time talking so they all gathered in a classroom and I got to preach to them. There was so much freedom.
On the sad side - two in our group had young girls come to them after their preaching opportunity in tears. They wondered if God could save them because their sins were so bad. I sometimes find myself angry. Abuse is appalling. --Anna

The e-Campaign has been in Leyte this week. This is the very spot where General MacArthur returned as the tide of WWII was turning. The monument powerfully reminds us of the  "full measure" type of commitment of some others in history who "signed up for the duration."  I was thinking about that today.  You know, during WWII, there came a desperate point in the midst when people seemed to realize it was  "all or nothing."  So much had already been expended in lives and resources but, the allies were still losing--and along with the rest of the free world, they faced the real possibility of life under one despotic dictator or another.  

It was then that the people, both men and women, "up'ed for the duration" in droves! That meant they re-enlisted, not for a 2 or 4 year short term, but until they won or died trying.  Yes, won  or died trying.  And they did-by the thousands- until the victory was won. From many nations, they collectively laid it all on the line.  Some were called to pay up with their blood, some were not-but all went willingly having understood the battle and the cost. They were in it for the duration. And clearly, the lives we now lead are in many ways the direct result of their choices and sacrifices. To them, we owe a great debt. 

But you know, how quickly we forget so many debts. Christ died so all who believe don't have to go to hell forever because of their sin-debt. I actually deserved to go to hell and I owe the debt for my salvation to Christ alone. In the business and selfishness of life this can just slip your mind. But the fact is, life may be hard, painful--sometimes lonely--but when it's all said and done, He's taking me to heaven forever and He is going to call my name!  Wow. That's a debt to remember every day.  There is also the debt to those who have not heard--their eternities are still in the balance while they yet live.  That one, is even easier to forget. That debt needs to influence our choices every day. 

Being content and complacent in a person's own sure salvation without a concern for those who have not heard is not what God intended.  Imagine if the WW2 vets had "just gone home to the shire." What kind of difference would that have made in your life? Imagine if no one was willing to take the chance of "wounding" you or being wounded, or even crossing the street so you could know of the payment that was made for you? If you are reading this, someone probably did! There is someone for whom you can be the one to make the difference! You have to get in the battle though! ;) and why not "up for the duration."

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