Friday, 8 July 2011

Testimony: e-Campaign 2011, Fri 8 July Rosie

From: Rosie
Sogod, Leyte
Week 1 Day 5

"Where I’ve been the last 6 months we’re frequently awakened to the wailing sound of a call to “prayer”. I’d thought I’d gotten away from it, but here in Sogod, Philippines I’ve been awakened every morning at about 4:16am by bells; a different sounding call to “prayer”, and yet a call to the same false god (who they do not know) – who has blinded their eyes. 

Being on the Evangelist Campaign this week has proven to be one of the 'funnest' weeks of my life. It is so exciting to take Jesus to hundreds of people each day and to see the understanding that dawns on their faces as they realize their need of the Savior! 

As I go to the campuses I think of the students behind those walls who unknowingly have a pending death sentence of hell upon their heads. They need to know that Jesus has already paid their sentence in full. They need to accept His sacrificial gift before it is eternally too late! 

We come bearing a great responsibility and the most amazing message, a message some have waited to hear for years. It has been amazing to watch the Spirit of God move upon these campuses and do what He said He would do – convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment. 
As I get to proclaim the Word of the Lord many times each day not only have I gotten to see God saving hundreds of souls but my own faith has grown."

These pictures are from Thursday night.  The SMCI team arranged an Evangelistic Evening in a ladies dormitory. Eishen sang, Rosie and Katie Jo gave the Gospel--63 heard the message!

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