Monday, 1 August 2011

Prayer Focus For Week 5

Pastor Ian (Singapore Team 5) shared this morning from the LORD ...

(Pastor Ian Left,
with PM & Bro Eugene)
"...sharing my devotion with you this morning. I was reading Ezra 1 . . . and was led to a familiar passage. This time the Lord allowed me to apply what I had learned. 

1) God stirred the heart of Persian King Cyrus and I ...pray that King Jesus will open the hearts of the authorities of the schools in which we will share the Gospel. 

2) God stirred the hearts of the Jews to go back to work and I ...
pray God will stir my heart and the hearts of the team to LABOUR with passion for the work.

3) God raised up support for the WORK and I ...
pray that God will stir up prayer warriors around the world to pray and support this GLORIOUS work!

Let's also pray for:

  • unity of spirit and purpose among the many team members as they work side by side
  • safety physically and spiritually
  • wisdom for Jonah Natura, SMCI I/C Cebu and the entire SMCI Teams
  • the 3 separate campaign teams and leaders

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