Sunday, 31 July 2011

Part 3 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

Part 3

SMCI Dumaguete Team (part of Negros) with
Pastor Mitch and Sis Fily Joy (right)
Despite their own fatigue, the SMCI workers are always so busy with arranging the schedule for each day of the e-camp. (THANK GOD SO MUCH FOR EVERY ONE OF THEM! Just think of it, we just preach to a big class, but THEY are the ones who follow up with each individual!) And yet they still take the extra effort in love to make things comfortable for us.

Truth is...

At home I sleep with a fan... during e-camp I slept every night with AIRCON.
At home I sometimes eat less cos I don't like the food... during e-camp I had so much good food that I gained 4kg in just 1.5 wks! 
At home people find my jokes so lame that nobody laughs at them... during e-camp the workers all joke so much that nobody notices how lame my jokes are (: 

It's no wonder that I miss the E-camp so much! Being able to serve Him in the Philipines was overwhelming and amazing. Just 24 hours a day of nothing else but focus on serving Him and enjoying fellowship with Christians who put God above all else, it’s practically heaven!

I'll definitely go back next time, but I'm going to place that desire aside for awhile because I know that He brought me back to Singapore to serve Him too, just in a different harvest field (: I'm gonna take all His lessons and put them to good use right here at home! 


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  1. A Beautiful heart you have Sarah! You are LISTENING and SEEING what God intended for you to hear and see.
    I will pray for the workers and the work there in the Philippines. I will pray for God to use you EVERYWHERE He sends you!
    Thank you for sharing.


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