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Part 2 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

Sarah Lim (coral blouse)
Part 2 of 3

The LORD honored when the team took steps of faith in prayer during flat tyres (bringing timely tricycles to the rescue on an empty road), during typhoons, and during earthquakes, and during objections from school authorities (by opening tightly closed doors so wonderfully)

He honored when newcomers (like me) took steps of faith in giving the gospel for the first time in their lives, with so many hearts opened and accepting toward His gift. Thank God for empowering the messages that resulted in a commitment to life-change. 

There are people who will read and hear incredible things about the E-Camp and wonder, "Wow that's great. But things like that only happen in mission trips or to full-time workers. These things never happen in real life, right here in Singapore." OR "That sounds really interesting, but I'm too busy right now. My boss will never let me take leave. I'll just wait and see." OR "thank God for using those people! But it seems too tough and tiring, I don't think I'll adjust to the conditions there."

I used to be one of those people. Probably made the devil really happy with all my self-deceiving! 

1) The God who made a typhoon disappear within minutes, moved the hearts of thousands of students, provided tricycles within seconds of prayer out of nowhere (and so much more).. isn't He the same God we have in Singapore? 

The only difference is the faith we have! James 2:5! The poor are rich in faith. In Singapore, we've got so many ways to solve our problems  (money, connections, knowledge, Internet, subordinates or colleagues) that we forget that the BEST way is to turn to God first for any problem. Psalm 127:1 & Romans 8:21. Though they have less in the Philippines, the Christians I met have such great joy and faith because of the simple acknowledgement that He is almighty God and nothing is impossible with Him. 

2) The devil loves it when we think we have a lot of time. When we think have a lot of time, we don't tend to use each minute wisely and each second to its full potential. Honestly we don't know what will happen tomorrow, and the truth is we don't have forever. One of the reasons we don't do things like share the gospel with people around us, or show someone love and care is because we think we'll have the chance to do so sometime in the future.  

If the doctor told me that I only had one day left to live, would I still live the way I'm living now? I know I wouldn't. Time passes quicker than we think, and after the moment has passed what's left is only regret. So when a chance arises to ask for forgiveness, or to forgive, or to share the gospel, or to show someone I care, I ask God for strength to treat it like my only chance and not waste it. Because it very well may be.

3) The harshest conditions you have to endure is maybe the hot sun and mosquitoes? But don't we face that in first world countries (like Singapore or US) too? With a cap, a fan, and mosquito repellent, there's nothing more to fear. And preaching your heart all day is more tiring than most people think!

Part 3 of 3 from Sarah Tomorrow :)

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  1. Thank you again, Sarah!
    So true! We are not promised tomorrow! We need to take each day, pray for God to pierce our own hearts, causing our hearts to honor our LORD, and care about souls dying without Jesus Christ.
    I have been one of those people,to my shame, who have, on many occasions, procrastinated in serving, then regretted it over and over.

    It is good that you remind us of the short time to give THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF A LIFETIME to others.
    We would not think twice about mosquitoes, heat, etc if we wanted to camp, fish, have fun with the family, etc.
    Our flesh can find every excuse when it comes to serving, or working without pay!, or sharing Jesus. Sometimes it is just because we are shy, or think we are not intellectual enough!
    But with God's strength, and for only the asking, He will give us all the strength, stamina, Words we need, love we need, etc. to go out and touch a life with His message that Saves lives!
    I am asking God to direct my feet, to order my steps, and since you shared this message, I am asking God to help me to be more sensitive to the needs of others to hear The Gospel and to open my heart and mouth and Speak it in love before it is too late.

    It IS tiring to preach, teach, and pray for hours! But it is also Beautiful to see the smile of even ONE person when they KNOW they are NOW a child of God, or that they have been Restored unto The LORD and His people.

    Romans 1:16

    Please pray for me , as I pray for you and the teams there too!


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