Friday, 29 July 2011

Part 1 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

James 4:10
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up."

All the stories I've heard about the e-campaign were those of timely answered prayers, amazingly changed hearts and lives, and pure hard work serving God. In my mind, the e-camp seemed like a perilous journey, incredibly intense with each day spent only in evangelising and prayer. 

Bro Eugene, Daphne, Sarah
Before I left for the Philippines, I was scared to death about the idea of having to share the gospel to a whole classroom of people. In Singapore, it's difficult to share to one, now a whole classroom? It's a fact that I'm not great with speaking. Even prayer in small  groups is not easy for me. In such circumstances, I thought I had to go with people I was familiar with. Y'know, for moral support and all, just to have someone to talk with through the problems that may arise. So I was all ready to go in wk 5 & 6 with a team which had the most youth. But God had other plans for me. I got news that school started on 1 Aug, and had to come back to register on 21 July. God planned it perfectly for me to go 1.5 weeks in wk 2-3 with Eugene and Daphne (GLCC). 

Needless to say, I was scared to death. Since it might be my only chance to go before school took all my time away, i just took a step of faith and went. I just gripped tight to Philippians 4:13 in my heart and asked God every second for His strength to overcome my fear.  The lesson I learned is that when you take steps of faith, God honors. 

God promised that He wouldn't require of us anything more than we were capable of handling. He knew I was afraid of huge crowds so the first classroom He gave me was small, about 15 people. Not everyone is the same, so if God gave you a huge classroom, it's only because He knows you're capable of facing it. In my first classroom, I made the mistake of being so pre-occupied with telling the students every single illustration I knew of. With my Singaporean accent and nervous rambling, the illustrations confused them even more. Thank God for a SMCI student in the class who stood up and helped to reiterate to them the simple gospel after I was done. Or i might have been guilty for life.

Then I went to another classroom and heard Lydia (a teammate from Arizona) share the gospel. It was the same message, but simpler, and most importantly it was filled with an urgency that showed God's love through her for people she didn't even know.

It was then I realised what my problem was. The difference between me and the SMCI student or Lydia was simply that they had a huge burden for their souls, and I didn't. I asked for forgiveness and for a true burden for souls before I shared to anymore classes. Honestly I really am so thankful that God taught me that lesson in my very first class. 

It wasn't about my public speaking skills, God made the gospel message so simple and clear, it didn't need any illustrations*. The students even knew most of the verses and could recite them better than me (I was so nervous I forgot John 3:16 and they recited it for me. Isn’t that incredible?)

*(Over time I learnt that they knew the message well enough, illustrations were needed only to clarify on the fact that we cannot save ourselves, there is only One way to Heaven and what it means to believe in Him. Because most Filipinos have grown up with different definitions of those things.)

God honored when I took a step of faith out of my comfort zone in going alone, and in talking to the huge intimidating team that joined the e-camp from Arizona and other places, despite our differences in accent, ages and backgrounds, He united all our hearts (US, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Brazil) in the love for His work and His people. When strangers are united in God's purpose, it's amazing how they can fellowship despite barely knowing anything about each other.

Sarah has just started her first year at National University of Singapore 
where she is studying Arts and Social Sciences.
 She is attends GLCC and serves in the 
Teenz Leadership and 
Worship Team. 

This was Sarah's first e-Campaign.

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  1. Beautiful! Sarah, your story just caused me to bow before God, and ask God to give me a TRUE BURDEN for souls. I want to keep the Gospel simple and beautiful! A burden for souls, not a speaking engagement! Not head knowledge but heart love! I hope that makes sense!
    I would be afraid too! I am insecure in many ways! But God is great and can help us all to speak His Word, if we are willing to put ourselves aside and only speak His Word.

    I appreciate your testimony here. You said it well! I am learning that My life, and EVERYTHING IMPORTANT is ALL ABOUT GOD, not about me or my goals or dreams in life. My dreams have been shattered so that He may be EXALTED!
    I would love to go next year to help in the Philippines. Please pray for me that whether I share the Gospel here in my own back yard in the USA , to my own people , or in the Philippines, that I would remember to keep it simple. That I would only speak HIS WORD and not my thoughts. That I would love the souls. The Holy Spirit will do the rest!
    I am praying for all of you as you witness, as you disciple, as you grow in the LORD!
    God is has All power in Heaven and Earth!


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