Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our LORD Is Awesome!

What an amazing experience at TNHS today! 

Alice and I (Kelvin, Singapore), together with Meljune (SMCI Staff), were scheduled for a mass evangelism session at TNHS this afternoon.  We arrived early at the school and introduced ourselves to the school principal.  During this courtesy call, the principal suddenly opened up the opportunity to have a mass evangelism session with the entire school population estimated at about 1200 students instead of just the 4th year students as initially planned.  

With just the three of us, there was fear gripping us on how to handle the situation.  We immediately prayed and asked God for guidance when the principal left to make the arrangements.  God immediately answered our prayers by making available a public address system PLUS another team of helpers arrived  in time!

Just when I thought that everything would go smoothly, the P.A system broke down halfway through my message and I panicked. I could see my fellow team mates gathering at the back to pray for the situation.  Amazingly, within a couple of minutes, the P.A system was back in working order again.

Within a short span of 30 minutes, God answered our prayers twice ... ... and timely too AND gave much fruit to the Kingdom!

By God's grace,
Kelvin and Alice for the team

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