Saturday, 2 July 2011

Teams Converge On Cebu For Training

Saturday, 2 July 2011
Cebu, SMCI Student Centre

It's exciting to see the teams from different walks of life come together as one team with one heart--
to share the love and saving message of Jesus Christ!

On behalf of PMike and SMCI, we welcome:

  • PKevin and Emily (father and daughter NWVBC) from Arizona,
  • PRandy, Ron and Linda, Tim, Dennis, Art (the gang from PPBC in Colorado) the Faithful Western Slopers,
  • Simon & Jonathan (scientist and doctor GLCC) 1st Singapore team to arrive,
  • Jeff & Anna (The Exchange),
  • Katie, Rosie, D and S (Indonesia)
  • Kaylin (student, Pennsylvania)
  • Eishen, Kim and whole the SMCI Staff!

No time is wasted on this mission!  While waiting for the ferry to LEYTE Pmike held the first briefing and training session! Those newer to the campaign will be assigned an SMCI mentor for the first few days! They all hit the campuses Monday!

First Briefing and Training (Cebu) while
waiting for the Ferry to Leyte

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