Saturday, 23 July 2011

Just 5 Minutes? Are You Serious?

If you have been following the e-campaign, you know that last week the teams faced opposition on some of the campuses. NORSU (university) which has been one of SMCI's most fruitful fields over the past 10 years suddenly after the first two hours of the first day shut down the e-campaign and sent the team away.

On the second day, when the team arrived with letters of permission in hand, they waited again for the go-ahead from the Vice President.  They waited and prayed, waited and prayed.

Finally, SMCI leaders Pastor Mitch and Fily Joy and the rest of the SMCI team arrived with the good news, 

"They'll give us 5 minutes!"
"The window is only for this morning 
and it's only 5 minutes in each classroom, 
you have to be careful and get it right, or they'll stop us."

Here's the plan:  We'll go in twos. One will preach. One will time and pray. We have to ask God for power on the 5 minutes. You have to give the Gospel, the invitation, then welcome them to join the Gospel Nights!

The time was short. Everyone listened carefully to directions and instructions. 

Got it!  
When they understood, they prayed for power, committed themselves to the LORD and off they went!

Arriving at the classrooms last minute instructions from SMCian Briggs.

In they went. Five minutes at a time. One preached, one prayed and kept the time.
And it was just like our wonderful LORD to bless and bring forth fruit and students that came out to the night meetings.

On and on they went all morning and when the they gathered back together it was with praise and joy! The 5 minute limit did not hinder the Gospel! ;) The Spirit moved and empowered!

Here they are!
  The 5 Minute Preachers and their timers and prayer warriors!

Wow! Our God is AWESOME!


  1. What a great reminder that God is never limited! Thanks for sharing. We are continuing to pray.

  2. So exciting when you pray specifically for something and God does above what we ask or think.

  3. Wow, amazing what God can do when people listen! We keep you all in prayer!

  4. I love it! God's wonderous power! And oh how I , in the flesh, can doubt it many times. But prayer, yes PRAYER can change some much! The more we talk to the LORD, the more we believe!
    I praise the LORD that His power, His right arm of righteousness is stronger than the enemy plans!
    I am thinking, if It can be done in only 5 minutes, and It can be! Witnessing in 5 minutes, then No one should ever say, I don't have time!
    I am praying even now for this team and the people to be saved, discipled, and God to keep opening doors to share His Word.

  5. This made me cry -God is good and keeps reminding us that while we have no control over the details-He does. What a wonderful story of God's power!!!

  6. Praise the Lord!!!! Be here praying for all of you.. May the Lord will continue to use u, empower u, and enable you to do everything, to be His vessel and channel of truth and love!!!!

    Lord bless SMCI!!!


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