Wednesday, 13 July 2011

All In One Day-SMCI e-Campaign 2011

An Average Day On The e-Campaign Trail...

Rise and shine, personal & group devotions, lots of prayer and breakfast!

Then it's time for the group leader to give the days' instruction (4 groups go out every day this week).

Assignments are given for Room to Room Evangelism and Mass Evangelism and any other Evangelist Opportunities arranged by the SMCI I/C.

Each team travels to their prearranged appointments for the day by bus, van, pedicab, motorbike, SMCI vehicle or Jeepney.

When they arrive at the school, they will probably meet the guard and present him with the gift of the e-Campaign Booklet written by SMCI Director, Evangelist Mike Redick. This year it's

Visiting Teams then sign in.

The principle will then spend some time verifying our official credentials 
and letters of permission to preach.

Sometimes there is a bit of waiting as not all are supportive of the plan.
A lot of praying is going on.

During the waiting, the I/C will call ahead to confirm the rest of the day's appointments.
(This is Jonahfe, SMCI Negros I/C)

SMCI Staff takes opportunities to build relationships with faculty members.
(This young man is SMCI Negros Staff Member Francis!)

Then it's time to blitz the classrooms with the Gospel! With lots of prayer and an extremely clear 20 minute Gospel Message, including invitation and decision time---
the team make the most of their opportunities depending on the Spirit to convict the lost, empower the preacher, and draw the lost and wayward to Himself.

After the preaching, there is the record keeping! The gathering of contacts for permanent SMCI staff to followup is very important! Each team member vets their decisions slips and makes a calculation to be submitted to the record keeper for the team. This information is tallied each evening and sent to be reported on the blog.  Then it's time to hit the road and do it again-often a packet lunch on the way by the seaside is the only break! ;)

And then, the rejoicing at the end of a hard day! There is something really wonderful about the e-Campaign!  A Christian is refreshed by living a Gospel filled life! :) Think about joining next year!

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  1. Dear PMike, Lisa, and the tremendous team the LORD has assembled here in U.S. and around the world,

    In the world there is much trouble, it is great to hear good news! The LORD is still working. PTL
    The Heflins


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