Sunday, 31 July 2011

Singapore Team 5 Arrives In Cebu!

Singapore Team 5 arrived this weekend and is very welcome!

Their team verse is . . .
John 4:34
"Jesus saith unto them, 
My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, 
and to finish his work."

Today Pastor Ian preached a mass evangelism with 1500 unsaved students on the parade grounds! They believe about 85% of the students made decisions! What a great beginning!

Jeremy also preached at a mass evangelism with about 500 students in attendance today! Many made decisions!

Singapore T2 asks us to pray for:

  • Unity in spirit among the team members
  • Power in preaching
  • That the Spirit will draw the lost to salvation
  • The health and physical strength of the team

This Is What Praying Does!

Friday, 29 July 2011
Day 26 of 40

from Rosie (Brazil) and Elzon (SMCI)...

"We were waiting for the next classroom when a teacher approached and began talking to my team mates. After a couple minutes I was walking into this teacher’s classroom to give the Gospel. I waited in the back as they honored Mary at the beginning of their class. I was then invited to the front with this introduction; “this is Rosie from Brazil and she is here to answer your questions…”

"I got right into the message of the Gospel and at the end of class the invitation to receive Christ’s payment for our sins and hell was made. Decision slips were then passed out and one was also handed to the teacher. I watched as the teacher walked to the front of the room to get a pen out of his desk to fill out the slip. As he was writing I could hear him saying out loud “I accept Jesus as my Savior”. The sound of his voice and HIS WORDS put a big smile on my face! As I retrieved the slips from them I saw on the back of his slip that he indeed had trusted Christ!"

Now what I didn’t know was that before class when he was talking to my team mate he had told her that he really likes what SMCI is doing on a weekly basis on their campus through Bible studies. He told my team mate that he had so many questions about life and Christianity that he wanted answered. My team mate then told him that I would be going into his class room and that I would be able to answer his questions! It was his day of salvation! It was God’s divine appointment with this precious soul who was so earnestly seeking and as the Bible promises those who seek – this teacher found the ANSWER he was looking for – JESUS CHRIST!"

This is exactly what God does when we pray and step forward in faith believing! Keep praying prayer warriors--the teams will keep stepping out! 

Let's ask the LORD to connect those who are crying out to know Him to those with the truth! ;)

Part 3 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

Part 3

SMCI Dumaguete Team (part of Negros) with
Pastor Mitch and Sis Fily Joy (right)
Despite their own fatigue, the SMCI workers are always so busy with arranging the schedule for each day of the e-camp. (THANK GOD SO MUCH FOR EVERY ONE OF THEM! Just think of it, we just preach to a big class, but THEY are the ones who follow up with each individual!) And yet they still take the extra effort in love to make things comfortable for us.

Truth is...

At home I sleep with a fan... during e-camp I slept every night with AIRCON.
At home I sometimes eat less cos I don't like the food... during e-camp I had so much good food that I gained 4kg in just 1.5 wks! 
At home people find my jokes so lame that nobody laughs at them... during e-camp the workers all joke so much that nobody notices how lame my jokes are (: 

It's no wonder that I miss the E-camp so much! Being able to serve Him in the Philipines was overwhelming and amazing. Just 24 hours a day of nothing else but focus on serving Him and enjoying fellowship with Christians who put God above all else, it’s practically heaven!

I'll definitely go back next time, but I'm going to place that desire aside for awhile because I know that He brought me back to Singapore to serve Him too, just in a different harvest field (: I'm gonna take all His lessons and put them to good use right here at home! 


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Part 2 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

Sarah Lim (coral blouse)
Part 2 of 3

The LORD honored when the team took steps of faith in prayer during flat tyres (bringing timely tricycles to the rescue on an empty road), during typhoons, and during earthquakes, and during objections from school authorities (by opening tightly closed doors so wonderfully)

He honored when newcomers (like me) took steps of faith in giving the gospel for the first time in their lives, with so many hearts opened and accepting toward His gift. Thank God for empowering the messages that resulted in a commitment to life-change. 

There are people who will read and hear incredible things about the E-Camp and wonder, "Wow that's great. But things like that only happen in mission trips or to full-time workers. These things never happen in real life, right here in Singapore." OR "That sounds really interesting, but I'm too busy right now. My boss will never let me take leave. I'll just wait and see." OR "thank God for using those people! But it seems too tough and tiring, I don't think I'll adjust to the conditions there."

I used to be one of those people. Probably made the devil really happy with all my self-deceiving! 

1) The God who made a typhoon disappear within minutes, moved the hearts of thousands of students, provided tricycles within seconds of prayer out of nowhere (and so much more).. isn't He the same God we have in Singapore? 

The only difference is the faith we have! James 2:5! The poor are rich in faith. In Singapore, we've got so many ways to solve our problems  (money, connections, knowledge, Internet, subordinates or colleagues) that we forget that the BEST way is to turn to God first for any problem. Psalm 127:1 & Romans 8:21. Though they have less in the Philippines, the Christians I met have such great joy and faith because of the simple acknowledgement that He is almighty God and nothing is impossible with Him. 

2) The devil loves it when we think we have a lot of time. When we think have a lot of time, we don't tend to use each minute wisely and each second to its full potential. Honestly we don't know what will happen tomorrow, and the truth is we don't have forever. One of the reasons we don't do things like share the gospel with people around us, or show someone love and care is because we think we'll have the chance to do so sometime in the future.  

If the doctor told me that I only had one day left to live, would I still live the way I'm living now? I know I wouldn't. Time passes quicker than we think, and after the moment has passed what's left is only regret. So when a chance arises to ask for forgiveness, or to forgive, or to share the gospel, or to show someone I care, I ask God for strength to treat it like my only chance and not waste it. Because it very well may be.

3) The harshest conditions you have to endure is maybe the hot sun and mosquitoes? But don't we face that in first world countries (like Singapore or US) too? With a cap, a fan, and mosquito repellent, there's nothing more to fear. And preaching your heart all day is more tiring than most people think!

Part 3 of 3 from Sarah Tomorrow :)

Friday, 29 July 2011

Part 1 of 3: From the Heart of Sarah Lim Shu Hui

James 4:10
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up."

All the stories I've heard about the e-campaign were those of timely answered prayers, amazingly changed hearts and lives, and pure hard work serving God. In my mind, the e-camp seemed like a perilous journey, incredibly intense with each day spent only in evangelising and prayer. 

Bro Eugene, Daphne, Sarah
Before I left for the Philippines, I was scared to death about the idea of having to share the gospel to a whole classroom of people. In Singapore, it's difficult to share to one, now a whole classroom? It's a fact that I'm not great with speaking. Even prayer in small  groups is not easy for me. In such circumstances, I thought I had to go with people I was familiar with. Y'know, for moral support and all, just to have someone to talk with through the problems that may arise. So I was all ready to go in wk 5 & 6 with a team which had the most youth. But God had other plans for me. I got news that school started on 1 Aug, and had to come back to register on 21 July. God planned it perfectly for me to go 1.5 weeks in wk 2-3 with Eugene and Daphne (GLCC). 

Needless to say, I was scared to death. Since it might be my only chance to go before school took all my time away, i just took a step of faith and went. I just gripped tight to Philippians 4:13 in my heart and asked God every second for His strength to overcome my fear.  The lesson I learned is that when you take steps of faith, God honors. 

God promised that He wouldn't require of us anything more than we were capable of handling. He knew I was afraid of huge crowds so the first classroom He gave me was small, about 15 people. Not everyone is the same, so if God gave you a huge classroom, it's only because He knows you're capable of facing it. In my first classroom, I made the mistake of being so pre-occupied with telling the students every single illustration I knew of. With my Singaporean accent and nervous rambling, the illustrations confused them even more. Thank God for a SMCI student in the class who stood up and helped to reiterate to them the simple gospel after I was done. Or i might have been guilty for life.

Then I went to another classroom and heard Lydia (a teammate from Arizona) share the gospel. It was the same message, but simpler, and most importantly it was filled with an urgency that showed God's love through her for people she didn't even know.

It was then I realised what my problem was. The difference between me and the SMCI student or Lydia was simply that they had a huge burden for their souls, and I didn't. I asked for forgiveness and for a true burden for souls before I shared to anymore classes. Honestly I really am so thankful that God taught me that lesson in my very first class. 

It wasn't about my public speaking skills, God made the gospel message so simple and clear, it didn't need any illustrations*. The students even knew most of the verses and could recite them better than me (I was so nervous I forgot John 3:16 and they recited it for me. Isn’t that incredible?)

*(Over time I learnt that they knew the message well enough, illustrations were needed only to clarify on the fact that we cannot save ourselves, there is only One way to Heaven and what it means to believe in Him. Because most Filipinos have grown up with different definitions of those things.)

God honored when I took a step of faith out of my comfort zone in going alone, and in talking to the huge intimidating team that joined the e-camp from Arizona and other places, despite our differences in accent, ages and backgrounds, He united all our hearts (US, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Brazil) in the love for His work and His people. When strangers are united in God's purpose, it's amazing how they can fellowship despite barely knowing anything about each other.

Sarah has just started her first year at National University of Singapore 
where she is studying Arts and Social Sciences.
 She is attends GLCC and serves in the 
Teenz Leadership and 
Worship Team. 

This was Sarah's first e-Campaign.

Over 150,000 People Have Heard!

"Happy the people whose God is the LORD!"

As of today, the LORD has given us

150, 292 

souls to hear the Gospel!

83, 218 People Have Made Decisions During 
2,763 Preaching Opportunities!
And it's only Day 25 of 40!

Thanks LORD!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 24, Wed July 27th

Wed, 27 July
Week 4, Day 24

What a wonderful day today! Many great victories--but the team is very tired!!
Very few people realize just how utterly exhausting being on this kind of a campaign can be!  Up early, travel and preach, talk to students in the blazing sun, travel (ptl for mostly aircon-ed vehicles this year), preach, talk to students, wait, pray, wait, pray, travel, preach... :) It's wonderful, but exhausting!

  • We expect the spiritual attack and refining, even if we are a bit surprised at the fierceness of our enemy--and that his main tool may be one of our teammates!  
  • We expect the emotional distress caused by a dealing with several cultures, being away from home and the familiar, a new environment and food as well as being totally without rights--instructed where and what to eat, where and when to sleep, when and what to speak, etc! 
  • However, one of the really surprising things is the physical exhaustion which is experienced almost immediately by the labourers-it's hot, it's humid and the pace is grueling--we are truly on a desperate mission! We believe as Christians we should put much effort into preparing and fulfilling the Great Commission! That's why we suggest you build your immunities, exercise, even do some endurance running, just to get ready. We PTL for every person willing to pay the price to serve for any amount of time! Frankly, the entire SMCI ministry gears up for a year for these precious 6 weeks!  It's not a holiday, but we guarantee you will be hard pressed to find a greater experience as a believer! and that's why the people who commit for the entire 6 week campaign are called "PM's A-Team!" ;)

All this to say... those of you still getting ready to come: PA Team 2, MBCC Team 1, Singapore Teams 5 & 6--be ready! And those of you who are praying, the labourers are very, very tired and there is still much to do!
Please remember them in prayer!

Jurgen has already left us and the rest of AZ2:Re:vive Team will be heading home tomorrow! The LORD has worked in their lives wonderfully! He has shaped them and refined them, and has used them for the Kingdom in an wonderfully eternal way! We are very thankful!

Today the LORD allowed:
93 Opportunities to Preach the Gospel resulting in 
3,725 People Hearing the Gospel and 
1546 People Making Decisions!

All Glory To Him!

Please pray for 

  1. safety on the muddy, curvy roads
  2. power in preaching
  3. conviction of sin
  4. that the enemy would be bound from influence hindering the LORD's plans
  5. for safety as the AZ2: Re:vive Team begins their journey home

Update: e-Campaign 2011, Day 23, July 26

Week 4, Day 23 Bohol

From the road this afternoon...

"It's raining quite heavily Bohol. God saw us through the 1.5hr journey & opened the doors in both the high school and college. 

Finished 2 schools in the morning & the students were so attentive, ready to listen. Going to preach at the boarding house in the afternoon." Pearlyn (Singapore Team 4)

Today, 26 July 2011
Opportunities to Preach the Gospel: 67
People Who Heard the Gospel: 3073
People Who Made Decisions: 1186

After 23 Days:
Total Opportunities To Preach the Gospel:           2,601
Total Number of People Who Have Heard:    142,851
Total Number of People Who Made Decisions: 79,679

Next Posts:  
  • Testimony from Pastor Kevin AZ T1:Father +Daughter, 
  • Farewell For Now AZ Re:vive Team, 
  • Tuesday Night Gospel Night Success!, 
  • Prayer Warriors
  • .... and many more!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Nice Place To Be (Josh De la Rosa)

Thoughts from
the heart . . .

Joshua De la Rosa 
(AZ Re:vive Team)

"Today God set me on fire. Not only was I able to give the gospel many times, but I could see the words piercing the hearts of those needing to hear it. At one of the high schools the students were all out for lunch. Makayla, Sarah and I were able to attract a few of them by playing a game. It wasn't long before we were surrounded by 11-14 year old boys and girls. I remember being terrified of every one of them. I prayed. and as the words came out of my mouth, I found even myself listening to them. I saw God working in their hearts as their expressions twisted in fits of convictions and gaped in awe and wonder. It was beautiful.

It took me a while to realize that preaching Christ had to be real. It had to be flexible. Our task was so much more than reciting words and illustrations or persuading students with analogies and comparisons. It was about giving them exactly what they needed to hear and when they needed to hear it. And because every class has a different dynamic, and because we didn't  know what that dynamic was until five minutes into our presentation, there was no other option but to rely solely on God's trust....which as Pastor Jeff said to me 'is a nice place to be'.

SMCI e-Campaign, Week 3, Negros Oriental

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Just 5 Minutes? Are You Serious?

If you have been following the e-campaign, you know that last week the teams faced opposition on some of the campuses. NORSU (university) which has been one of SMCI's most fruitful fields over the past 10 years suddenly after the first two hours of the first day shut down the e-campaign and sent the team away.

On the second day, when the team arrived with letters of permission in hand, they waited again for the go-ahead from the Vice President.  They waited and prayed, waited and prayed.

Finally, SMCI leaders Pastor Mitch and Fily Joy and the rest of the SMCI team arrived with the good news, 

"They'll give us 5 minutes!"
"The window is only for this morning 
and it's only 5 minutes in each classroom, 
you have to be careful and get it right, or they'll stop us."

Here's the plan:  We'll go in twos. One will preach. One will time and pray. We have to ask God for power on the 5 minutes. You have to give the Gospel, the invitation, then welcome them to join the Gospel Nights!

The time was short. Everyone listened carefully to directions and instructions. 

Got it!  
When they understood, they prayed for power, committed themselves to the LORD and off they went!

Arriving at the classrooms last minute instructions from SMCian Briggs.

In they went. Five minutes at a time. One preached, one prayed and kept the time.
And it was just like our wonderful LORD to bless and bring forth fruit and students that came out to the night meetings.

On and on they went all morning and when the they gathered back together it was with praise and joy! The 5 minute limit did not hinder the Gospel! ;) The Spirit moved and empowered!

Here they are!
  The 5 Minute Preachers and their timers and prayer warriors!

Wow! Our God is AWESOME!