Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Annual SMCI Institute In The Second Week

National Director Mike Redick
teaching the Doctrine of the
Holy Spirit
SMCI National Director, Mike Redick, has an exciting philosophy of servant leadership and ministry.  A large part of that is his belief that God has a plan for every life and that God's potential for every life can be attained.  At SMCI, we see a lot of young people saved and called into ministry right out of the middle of their college education.  Every SMCI full-time worker is required to finish an undergraduate degree and complete any board requirements to be certified in their field of study. They hit the road serving and that is just how we have designed their Biblical/Ministry Training!

Yen Yen presenting her
NT Project - a book study on III John
We realize that Campus Workers often move on to other ministries after a few years.  We have graduated Pastors, Pastors Wives, Foreign and Domestic Missionaries, Childrens Workers, and more in just the first 10 years of the work.  It is the Director's plan that while these vibrant young people give so sacrifically of their time to this wonderful work, that we should help prepare them through mentoring and education for future ministry.

From the point they feel led of the LORD to join the SMCI team, they are encouraged to begin their Bible training as well! The SMCI Institute is held in May of every year.  Students who have joined the program attend block classes with intense lecture, outside assignments and projects.  It takes about 5 years to complete the 32 credit hours, create, present, and defend a project before the committee and complete all exams and classwork for a Diploma in Biblical Studies.  This diploma is authorized an accrediting organization and recognized in other ministries so our workers are ready to go out and serve where ever the LORD may lead!  On-going classes for further education are offered each year so many of the graduated continue on beyond the initial 32 units.  

Nosnuma Director of Operations
Colin Richards teaching
the Book of Romans
For instance, this year's supplemental course is the Book of Romans, taught by Pastor Colin Richards, the Director of Operations for Nosnuma Group Int'l!  

There are 160 participants this year with 5 teachers teaching :
  • The Doctrine of End Times
  • Sin and Salvation
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • The Church
  • The Book of Romans
Pray along with us for these young people, surrendered to serve.  Ask the LORD to use each of them to further the Gospel according to His great plan! :)

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