Friday, 29 April 2011

SMCI, Philippines Chapters! Exciting News!

According to the latest edition of Operation World 2010, SMCI (Student Movement For Christ International), has become one of the largest, most extensive campus ministries in the Philippines! The LORD has truly been blessing the work!

SMCI is a ministry Gospel Light Christian Chruch (GLCC) in Singapore! It is led by Evangelist Mike Redick.  How exciting to think that SMCI is 10 years old and it has been the Spirit of God who has brought amazing fruit from the beginning with the first evangelistic campaign organized by Joy Penero for Pastor Mike to preach, even till now!

Last year's annual Evangelistic Campaign alone saw the Gospel preached to almost 110,000 people! More than 70,000 people made decisions for Christ on 6 islands!  God is amazing!

Today, there are 4316 students enrolled in weekly discipleship and Bible Study classes on 70 different campuses. The 56 full-time staff members, assisted by numerous volunteers and student team members, take the Gospel the campuses daily!

From campus ministries, 5 churches have been planted.  They are currently pastored by former SMCians or men saved through the evangelist ministry somehow! It is so amazing to see what the LORD will do with surrendered servants!

The Annual E-Campaign is approaching! Time to decide what part you will play.  Stay tuned for more news and a list of opportunities!

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