Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Message From Mike Redick: God's Answer To Man's Loneliness

"It is not God's desire for you and I as the people of God to be lonely."
Evan. Mike Redick
Pastor Mike Redick has done a series of life changing messages titled, "God's Answers..."  I am posting some of them on the team blogs for the encouragement of the teams throughout Southeast Asia serving our Saviour so sacrificially! I decided to post them here too and trust the LORD to use them! :)  One is scheduled on HE STILL ANSWERS for each of the next 4 Saturdays!  Lord bless! The link to the mp3 is below--may the LORD encourage you as you listen!

Listen now to: 
GOD's Answer To Man's Loneliness
Evan. Mike Redick

Pastor Mike Redick MP3 

From the Intro:

Wilfred Funk was the publisher of the well known Funk and Wagnal's Encyclopedia Set. He once made a list of the 10 most impressive words in the English Language.  Here is his amazing list:

Mother is the most respected word.
     Death is the most tragic word.
Faith brings the greatest comfort.
     Love is the most beautiful.
Revenge is the cruelest word.
     No is the coldest word.
Tranquility is the most peaceful word.
     Friendship is the warmest word.
Forgotten is the saddest word.
     Alone is the most bitter word in the English language.

One of the greatest plagues of the 20th century is loneliness.  Never before have so many people confessed to being lonely.  It is estimated that 40% of the people on earth who are of marriageable age are single!  Of those, the majority confess to experiencing loneliness.

I read an article recently that said, "single men are lonelier than single women..."  

Listen to the rest of the message by pressing >play in the link below.

Pastor Mike Redick MP3 

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