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2011 E-Campaign Booklet Unveiled!

SMCI   Evangelistic Campaign 2011 Campaign Booklet Revealed!
"True happiness and purpose in life are found in a personal relationship with God through the  person Jesus Christ." Mike Redick

Front Cover

Back Cover

SMCI, Philippines Chapters! Exciting News!

According to the latest edition of Operation World 2010, SMCI (Student Movement For Christ International), has become one of the largest, most extensive campus ministries in the Philippines! The LORD has truly been blessing the work!

SMCI is a ministry Gospel Light Christian Chruch (GLCC) in Singapore! It is led by Evangelist Mike Redick.  How exciting to think that SMCI is 10 years old and it has been the Spirit of God who has brought amazing fruit from the beginning with the first evangelistic campaign organized by Joy Penero for Pastor Mike to preach, even till now!

Last year's annual Evangelistic Campaign alone saw the Gospel preached to almost 110,000 people! More than 70,000 people made decisions for Christ on 6 islands!  God is amazing!

Today, there are 4316 students enrolled in weekly discipleship and Bible Study classes on 70 different campuses. The 56 full-time staff members, assisted by numerous volunteers and student team members, take the Gospel the campuses daily!


What The Devil Does Not Want You To Know!

A video message from Mike Redick:

What the devil doesn't want you to know

God's Answer To Man's Emptiness

Stand and Deliver

Just 2 weeks ago PM and I watched a very encouraging message preached at a Pastor's Conference in 2008! It was preached to pastors and their wives by a 74 year old preacher "from his heart" as he said!  His topic dealt with INTEGRITY and HUMILITY and the power and authority of the WORD of GOD.

His text was 1 Timothy 4:11-16.  One of the many things that struck me was a story he told near the end, I will do my best to recount it here!
Not too long ago, this pastor, a marine and veteran of the Korean War, had been asked to preach at the National Cathedral! Present were the soon to be graduated Marine Corps Officer candidates from Quantico as well as all the Marine Corps finest leaders--all decked out!He had been invited personally by the then Commandant of the Marine Corp, General Charlie Krulak.  When the preacher arrived, he was honored when he came face to face with the Commandant (a hero in his own right) whom he had never met.  Instead of the customary handshake, the…

God's Answers To Man's Insecurities

Blessed Is He Who comes In The Name of the LORD!


A Message From Mike Redick: God's Answer To Man's Loneliness

"It is not God's desire for you and I as the people of God to be lonely." Evan. Mike Redick Pastor Mike Redick has done a series of life changing messages titled, "God's Answers..."  I am posting some of them on the team blogs for the encouragement of the teams throughout Southeast Asia serving our Saviour so sacrificially! I decided to post them here too and trust the LORD to use them! :)  One is scheduled on HE STILL ANSWERS for each of the next 4 Saturdays!  Lord bless! The link to the mp3 is below--may the LORD encourage you as you listen!
Listen now to: 
GOD's Answer To Man's Loneliness
Evan. Mike Redick

Pastor Mike Redick MP3

From the Intro:

Wilfred Funk was the publisher of the well known Funk and Wagnal's Encyclopedia Set. He once made a list of the 10 most impressive words in the English Language.  Here is his amazing list:

Motheris the most respected word. Deathis the most tragic word. Faithbrings the greatest comfort. Loveis the most beautiful…

Are You A Good Person?


What Guys Think About Modesty -

A friend asked me to repost this! Here it is! ;)

This is amazing! I was really moved by the part about the church near the end. (I don't know what the deal is in the first few seconds at the beginning and end, but please, please give it a listen anyway.)

Yes, there is Part 1, but I didn't like it as well.