Friday, 31 December 2010

But I'ts New Year's Eve Dr. Tham

Glen Eagles Hospital on New Year's Eve goes on "business as usual!"

No time to waste. Dr. Tham (OB/Gynae Oncologist) explained the diagnosis: Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. The treatment is a major surgery including removal of lymph nodes. 

MRI results show no visible tumors or growths except in the contained area that will be removed.

After the surgery we will know more and cancer will be staged.

We like Dr. Tham.  He is a believer and an experienced surgeon.

Surgery will be at Glen Eagles, Wednesday morning very early.

"Thanks LORD for this opportunity."

Thursday, 30 December 2010

If This Is Thursday, This Must Be The MRI Machine

Whoa. Two hours later, MRI done.

This was not easy. The LORD enabled.

Was referred to a surgeon.  Seeing him tomorrow... an OB/Gynae Oncologist from Glen Eagles.

Resting ...

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Things Are Different Now, Somthing Happened To Me!

This morning when I was getting ready to go to the doctor's office, a thought crossed my mind...  "After today, things will never be the same again."

Interesting how the LORD prepares us.  He is so good.

Today, Wednesday, the poor doc had to tell us that she had found cancer during the op she did the previous Thursday.  Endometrial  Andenocarcinoma: "cancer cells visible in sheets."

MRI tomorrow and then we will know what is next!

Very much at peace... ;) believing the LORD will direct in the way forward!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Amazing Grace--That Would Be The Movie

So, what's it like working in a RAN? It's a matter of faith. Stepping into "the way" as often as possible with eyes that are set to see the white harvest.  It is declaring the Gospel believing it is "the power of God unto salvation to all who believe..." And it is doing it.

"It was Hari Raya Haji--a public holiday. L was rallying 3 other team members to hit the campus and "be out in the way!"  The way they chose was the badminton court! So with sports shoes, rackets, and shuttlecocks--they hit the court. 
A group of students were already playing on one of the many courts and as the team geared up for a game, they asked the LORD silently to open the door for them to talk to the ones who were seeking to know the LORD...

As they started their own game, they realized the players on the other court, all english students, were singing the song, Amazing Grace.  In fact, it seemed that they were actually trying to memorize the words!  No openings for conversation through the first game.

The team decided to ask this group to watch their gear while they returned to the dorm to get some water.  When they got back, the conversations started.  M asked politely why they were studying a song... they said it was assigned by their local english teacher... made popular recently by the movie "Amazing Grace" which tells the story of William Wilberforce and John Newton. 

Asking if they knew what the song meant, they said, "Not at all!" M asked quietly, "Would you like to know?"

Four of the group were seeking and trusted that day. Others still are learning and their day is coming too."

The Gospel is not to be thrown to the wind. It is to be declared in faith, at the leading of the Spirit who convicts men and draws them to Himself. He uses many things to prepare hearts. We can trust Him and speak without fear.

“the Son of man also came not to be ministered unto,
but to minister, and to give his life
a ransom for many”
(Mark 10:45)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

RAN Report

Since the chief end of man is to glorify God,
that human event that brings God the greatest glory is the salvation of a soul!

There is nothing greater for me to write than that someone has come into the kingdom! One of the teams has reported that there were 4 souls wonderfully saved in a RAN in Asia last week!----rescued as it were, from a lie that proposed to damn them eternally. Pray as they seek to begin to grow...

" . . . there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth."
Luke 15:10b
"You remember the occasion when the LORD met with you.  O, little didst thou think what a commotion was in heaven.  if the queen (of England) had ordered out all hr soldiers, the angels of heaven would not have stopped to notice them.  If all the princes of earth had marched through the streets, with all their jewelry, and robes, and crowns, and all their regalia, their chariots, and their horsemen; if the pomp of ancient monarchs had risen from the tomb; if all the mighty of Babylon, and Tyre, and Greece had been concentrated in one great parade; yet not an angel would have stopped in his course to smile at these poor, tawdry things;but over you, the vilest of the vile, the poorest of the poor, over you angelic wings were hovering, and concerning you it was said on earth and sun in heaven, "Hallelujah, for a child is born to God today!"