Friday, 20 August 2010

Onward! ;)

What's that hymn about the life line? I was trying to sing it today but just couldn't get it! Isn't that frustrating?  Was thinking how much we need one thrown to us as we are throwing one to others!

I arrived in Indo today just after noon to be confronted with all the signs of puasa (Ramadan fasting.)

Well, it has been a great campaign and we are so thankful for all the LORD has done... more reports are coming and will be posted with more pics in the days ahead so please stay connected! Also, the prayer battle has just begun! Why not choose an island and make it your battle ground? 

Pray for the local labourers, for those who heard, those who made decisions, those who did not.

I just flew to Indo today and will be speaking at a University convocaton tomorrow... onward again...

PM, R, and K will be joining me here on Monday for a prayer retreat asking the LORD for His clear vision for the work here... join us please!

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