Wednesday, 11 August 2010

One Beautiful Peso, 11 August 2010

From Mike Redick,
SMCI International Director

"On Tuesday I was preaching in a high school in the city of Tugum on the Island of Mindanao. As many know Mindanao is one of the troubled spots in the Philippines being the home of the Islamic terrorist group the Abu Siyaf- responsible for the killing of hundreds of people in the name of Allah. Mindanao is also the home and headquarters of Apollo Quiboloy, the self proclaimed son of god with thousands of followers. Needless to say this is one of the neediest and least evangelized Islands in the Philippines.

On this day I was speaking to about 60 teenagers in a class room in an out of the way high school. The Lord was good and gave good liberty while preaching. When I finished I stepped out of the class room and a young lady named Tikka approached me and thanked me for the messages. With a glowing smile on her face she mentioned that she was a born again believer! She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a one peso coin S$.05, US$ .02) and said, "I want to give this to you and your team as a token of thanks for coming to my school to share the good news with my fellow students."

This may not seem like a big deal to us, but it was to her. You see, this coin represented her entire daily net worth-it was her lunch-possibly her only meal for the day-and she joyfully gave it to us. She wanted to show her appreciation because she knew the importance and power of the Gospel. When she placed that coin in my hand I was immediately reminded of the verse of Scripture that says, "the poor of this world are rich in faith" (James 2:5.) Maybe this is why there is such a rich harvest in so many poor countries."
-Mike Redick

Have you ever missed a meal for the Gospel?

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