Friday, 12 August 2011

FAQ #5 Is It All Just Easy Believe-ism?

"How can so many people
be getting saved?
It must be easy believe-ism."

From: Mike Redick, SMCI International Director

Having preached the gospel to tens of thousands of people and having seen large numbers of people respond to the gospel I have often asked myself, 'Are these decisions real?" Several years ago I was in a particular city in the Philippines preaching on several university campuses. The Lord was wonderfully moving and lots of young people were making salvation decisions.

The following year I was in the same city visiting the local Christian book store. The manager came to me and said, 'Last year when you were preaching on the campuses so many young people were coming into the store looking for Bibles that I wanted to know what was going on so I attended one of your evening meetings and the Lord spoke to me that I should start a church so I did." Then he asked If I would preach in his church on Sunday. I agreed.

When I entered his church on that Sunday morning and started meeting people I was amazingly pleased to know that the majority of his 60 or so church members had been saved in our crusades the previous year. As I left the church that Sunday the Lord spoke to me saying, "The converts may be lost to you and your ministry but they are not lost to me." This has helped to keep me and my team preaching the Gospel faithfully where ever the door is open.

In reality, this kind of thing happens to me all over the Philippines. I was once in a fast food restaurant in a small out of the way town and the guard stopped our team going in and said, "I was saved several years ago when you preached in my college campus."

Mike Redick
SMCI International Director
We preach an honest and clear Gospel. We preach that all men are sinners separated from God that there is an eternal punishment for sin. We preach that Jesus Christ came into this world and died on the cross-paying the penalty for all our sin. We preach that in order for man to be saved that they must repent of their sin and in faith trust Jesus Christ alone as their personal savior and Lord. Having preached a clear Gospel, we then call people to decide.

We are very careful not to give people a false sense of assurance. Those who decide are never classified as saved. We simply acknowledge the fact that they responded to the message preached and thus made a decision for salvation. We give everyone a 'Good News' gospel tract, we then get the names and particulars of those who made a decision and for the next few months our SMCI team will work at following them up.

If that is easy believe-ism then I stand guilty.

(first published 2 Aug 2010)


  1. We present a clear Gospel. We make sure the kids understand that it's not a prayer that saves them, but that it's their trusting Jesus Christ alone. I tell the kids that when they trust Jesus they are going to want to turn from those sins that Jesus died for. They are not going to want to do the wrong things that Jesus is saving them from, but they are going to want to follow Him. At this point, I invite them to trust Jesus. I make it clear to them that I'm not forcing them, but that the decision is completely up to them. It's definitely not easy-believe-ism...these kids know what they are doing. The Gospel is explained to them very clearly. God has opened doors here, and many are very open to the Gospel. It is very different from other places. The Philippines is wide open, waiting to be evangelized. The fields are white!

  2. Jeremy Bickel is a University student from the U.S.A. who traveled with the 2010 Campaign for 5 weeks on 4 islands.


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