Friday, 6 August 2010

Every Surrendered Life Is A Powerful Weapon To Be Wielded By The LORD!

It was "farewell for now" to Jeremy on Thursday!

It has been said, "A picture speaks a thousand words!"
On the wall behind Jeremy you can see a sign that says,
"a yone who has never nade a mistake
 has never tried anyt ing new"

Jeremy really tried something new-- 5 weeks of Cowboy Evangelism with Mike Redick!

He surrendered everything--his privacy, preferences, rights-to sleep both when and where, to eat when he was hungry, to pick his seat in the vehicle, even to determine his companions--all for the cause! And what happened?

In just 5 weeks, Jeremy preached the Gospel ...

     43 times to a total of
     3,282 people, most of whom had never heard!
     1,819 of those made decisions for Christ and are being followed up by permanent SMCI team members!

What did he have to say at the end of a gruelling 5 weeks?

"It’s been awesome!!!
I’m glad that I had this opportunity.
God has taught me so much, and I look forward to doing this again in the future."
And what did he say about the preaching?

Earlier in the campaign we received this wonderful news from the Leyte I/C:

"We present a clear Gospel. We make sure the kids understand that it's not a prayer that saves them, but that it's their trusting Jesus Christ alone. I tell the kids that when they trust Jesus they are going to want to turn from those sins that Jesus died for. They are not going to want to do the wrong things that Jesus is saving them from, but they are going to want to follow Him. At this point, I invite them to trust Jesus. I make it clear to them that I'm not forcing them, but that the decision is completely up to them. It's definitely not easy-believe-ism...these kids know what they are doing. The Gospel is explained to them very clearly. God has opened doors here, and many are very open to the Gospel. It is very different from other places. The Philippines is wide open, waiting to be evangelized. The fields are white!"
The SMCI I/C from Leyte wrote:
"Indeed God is unlimited! He alone knows the fruits that will remain and He'll give that to us in His own beautiful time! Just like yesterday 24th of July, there was a youth fellowship in one of the Baptist Churches and a high school student from Caridad, Baybay City,Leyte shared her testimony that she had accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior just recently through an American who preached the Gospel in her classroom. To our surprise it was Jeremy who had preached and she got saved during our evangelistic campaign, and now she was being followed up by her Christian classmate- who invited her to attend the youth fellowship. Truly God is at work and we can trust Him doing His net-work! To God be the glory! All praise and glory belongs to Him alone!"
Jeremy is a university sophomore
from Brooklyn, NY--
this was his first campaign.

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