Friday, 27 August 2010

About the Earthquake: Item 2--More Mercy!

Our God Is Powerful!

The second amazing thing about the earthquake was the timing!

This is fasting month for the followers of I. Here in Indo, it is called puasa or fasting culminating with the Idul Fitri celebration and a week long holiday.  From dawn to dusk every day for a month the devoted abstain from food and water.  The exact times of sunrise and sundown for each day are recorded on the web and other publications! But in reality, most simply listen for the "call" as it is sung out from the places of worship at exactly the correct time signaling the "break fast."

In the evenings people sit in restaurants, roadside coffee stalls or at home with drinks and food sitting in front of them waiting for the song that will release them from their day of service.

Last week it was a bit different.  All over this province, just as official singers in thousands of places of worship approached the microphones --ready to call the faithful to prayer at the end of another day spent in sacrifice to the object of their worship--at that exact time--God, with His hand, shook the world! All attention was for a few moments shifted back to the one who actually holds the universe in place! No song sang, no release, only sudden and immediate fear. People fled from the waiting food into the streets.

I am amazed daily to see God's mercy... mercy to me, mercy to others, mercy to the lost. He cries out  even to those shaking an angry fist in His face.  He speaks through creation, through His written Word, through His labourers.  The Spirit convicts and draws and God does it so gently--and who except the great YAHWEH could do it even with an earthquake.

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