Friday, 27 August 2010

About the Earthquake: Item 2--More Mercy!

Our God Is Powerful!

The second amazing thing about the earthquake was the timing!

This is fasting month for the followers of I. Here in Indo, it is called puasa or fasting culminating with the Idul Fitri celebration and a week long holiday.  From dawn to dusk every day for a month the devoted abstain from food and water.  The exact times of sunrise and sundown for each day are recorded on the web and other publications! But in reality, most simply listen for the "call" as it is sung out from the places of worship at exactly the correct time signaling the "break fast."

In the evenings people sit in restaurants, roadside coffee stalls or at home with drinks and food sitting in front of them waiting for the song that will release them from their day of service.

Last week it was a bit different.  All over this province, just as official singers in thousands of places of worship approached the microphones --ready to call the faithful to prayer at the end of another day spent in sacrifice to the object of their worship--at that exact time--God, with His hand, shook the world! All attention was for a few moments shifted back to the one who actually holds the universe in place! No song sang, no release, only sudden and immediate fear. People fled from the waiting food into the streets.

I am amazed daily to see God's mercy... mercy to me, mercy to others, mercy to the lost. He cries out  even to those shaking an angry fist in His face.  He speaks through creation, through His written Word, through His labourers.  The Spirit convicts and draws and God does it so gently--and who except the great YAHWEH could do it even with an earthquake.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Moved With Compassion

Week 5, Bohol

Though having served in the Sunday St E ministry mainly reaching out to mainly Filipinas  for almost a decade in Orchard Road, I have yet mustered enough courage for the Campus Evangelistic campaign in the past years. Fear and concern such as will leave be approved especially at the busiest period of the year in my workplace and will students at an age probably young enough to be my be my grandchild be able to connect with me? With much prayer from my SF brethren, took step of faith to request for leave explaining purpose of the trip to my boss but amazingly, response from him, a non christian was unexpectedly encouraging. Praise God, He fulfilled His promise in 1 John 5 : 14.

With much anxiety , set foot on Bohol, an island known for chocolate hills and tarsier, the world smallest mammal for a week of Campus Evangelistic Campaign. Why anxiety? Fear that I will fumble in classroom crowd and my inadequacy but “God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind” (2 Tim 1:7) and isn’t He my sufficiency? Why anxiety? Shouldn’t it be the thought that many will perish in eternal hell without the gospel when signs of time is so evident.

During the week of campus campaign, God opened my eyes to His power. There was so much liberty in sharing. There was an instance where we travelled almost two hours to a school and opportunity was closed due to last minute change in school schedule, but, God touched the heart of the authority to allow us to go back the following day. Another instance, a school authority disallowed us to mass evangelise due to the threatening weather but few of us hang around to speak to groups of students. Eventually no sign of rain, the authority changed their mind and almost the whole school raised their hands when decision was called after preaching. God is so awesome.

Eileen and Elson (SMCI Bohol Staff)
I will not trade anything for this experience. Went to Bohol thinking I will touch life but instead God touched my life through many saved lives and through the lives of our fellow SMCI workers with their passion in reaching out to the loss and indeed they were “moved with compassion for them”. My duty has yet end when I departed from Bohol but to lift up these dear SMCI brothers and sisters in unceasing prayer to our almighty God in equipping them for the work that just began.

To God be the Glory!

Eileen Tien is a business woman in Singapore, mother of 2 grown boys and a member of GLCC. This was her first campaign.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Onward! ;)

What's that hymn about the life line? I was trying to sing it today but just couldn't get it! Isn't that frustrating?  Was thinking how much we need one thrown to us as we are throwing one to others!

I arrived in Indo today just after noon to be confronted with all the signs of puasa (Ramadan fasting.)

Well, it has been a great campaign and we are so thankful for all the LORD has done... more reports are coming and will be posted with more pics in the days ahead so please stay connected! Also, the prayer battle has just begun! Why not choose an island and make it your battle ground? 

Pray for the local labourers, for those who heard, those who made decisions, those who did not.

I just flew to Indo today and will be speaking at a University convocaton tomorrow... onward again...

PM, R, and K will be joining me here on Monday for a prayer retreat asking the LORD for His clear vision for the work here... join us please!

A Long Walk Down The Hill and Back!

Week 5
Friday, 6 August 2010

It was the first time SMCI had been allowed to visit this predominately RC high school.  It was very exciting! Early Friday morning on Bohol, week 5 of the Evangelistic Campaign, the team arrived on the campus housing 3000 students.  As they entered, they saw most of the young people streaming down a hill in two lines--one for boys, one for girls. Inquiring, they were informed that the students were headed to Mass and that our audience was actually to be only those left behind.  All said and done, 60 remained-- Jehovah's Witnesses, Buddhists, Hindus, members of Iglesia De Cristo and other cults and perhaps some Christians-- while 2940 faded out of site below.

Reid preached the Gospel to those who remained. Then the LORD worked a miracle...

When the students returned, the team was allowed to go room to room in this RC school preaching the Gospel at least once to every student, faculty and staff member on the property! Most heard a clear Gospel message for the very first time, many readily made decisions to trust in Jesus alone to save them from sin, death and hell.  All received tracts and contact/follow-up information was made available! Some received the BE SURE booklets. 

God makes things like this happen when each of us do our part in the Gospel giving chain--- pray, go, build relationships, live righteously before man, let your yes be yes and your no be no, go, preach, disciple, follow-up, give! There is a link with your name on it! ;)

Have you deliberately placed yourself
as a link in the chain of the
Great Commission?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Final Week - Mindanao

What an amazing final week!

Week 6, Mindanao
236    Preaching Opps
11,735  Heard the Gospel
9,356     Made Decisions

This is a public blog and thus available to all who would seek it.  With the sad recent loss of Christian Aid workers in Afghanistan, I was reminded several times about posting our plans in advance on the Internet. 

Thanks for your patience, and I know that "out of sight" has not meant "out of mind" with our faithful prayer warriors! Lord bless each and every one of you! 

The back dated blogs will be going up over the next few hours! Thank God for the great final week.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Waiting To Report on the Final Week...

I am waiting to report on the final week until all the team members have departed the final island on Monday... explanation will come later. Please continue to pray...

Blessings Include:

2,119 Preaching opportunities
109,504 People heard the Gospel in 6 weeks
71,844 People Made Decsions! ;)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

"All Things Work Together" --God Said It-- And He Keeps On Proving It!

Daniel & Theresa
On Bohol with
Theresa, Singapore

"There was one day when we were pretty late arriving at a high school where we were supposed to do a classroom evangelism. However, the students were all outdoor waiting to go home. We decided to gather groups of students on the field and preached right on the spot. It was challenging as I was already having a strained voice. However, God demonstrated to me that it's not about me! It's the power of the Gospel and the conviction by the Holy Spirit. 55 souls made decisions!

I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him in Bohol. He really opened my eyes and see that the harvest is indeed plentiful. It's a privilege to be His labourers for His harvest field.

I saw how God has worked in the hearts of many students during the past week. It's the working of the Holy Spirit!

Thank God for He is Mighty to Save!"

Theresa is from Singapore and a member of GLCC. 
This was her first campaign.

e-campaign 2010 photos, Wed 11 Aug

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

We Bow Down And Praise...

God has given us more than
100,000 souls
to give the Good News too!

2 more days to go... pray!

More coming tomorrow:
  • Pics
  • Testimony
  • FAQ #6

One Beautiful Peso, 11 August 2010

From Mike Redick,
SMCI International Director

"On Tuesday I was preaching in a high school in the city of Tugum on the Island of Mindanao. As many know Mindanao is one of the troubled spots in the Philippines being the home of the Islamic terrorist group the Abu Siyaf- responsible for the killing of hundreds of people in the name of Allah. Mindanao is also the home and headquarters of Apollo Quiboloy, the self proclaimed son of god with thousands of followers. Needless to say this is one of the neediest and least evangelized Islands in the Philippines.

On this day I was speaking to about 60 teenagers in a class room in an out of the way high school. The Lord was good and gave good liberty while preaching. When I finished I stepped out of the class room and a young lady named Tikka approached me and thanked me for the messages. With a glowing smile on her face she mentioned that she was a born again believer! She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a one peso coin S$.05, US$ .02) and said, "I want to give this to you and your team as a token of thanks for coming to my school to share the good news with my fellow students."

This may not seem like a big deal to us, but it was to her. You see, this coin represented her entire daily net worth-it was her lunch-possibly her only meal for the day-and she joyfully gave it to us. She wanted to show her appreciation because she knew the importance and power of the Gospel. When she placed that coin in my hand I was immediately reminded of the verse of Scripture that says, "the poor of this world are rich in faith" (James 2:5.) Maybe this is why there is such a rich harvest in so many poor countries."
-Mike Redick

Have you ever missed a meal for the Gospel?

e-campaign 2010 photos, Tues 10 Aug

Tuesday, 10 August

Monday, 9 August 2010

Prayer Request

Please Pray Daily . . . As you may be aware, the team has traveled to the most "sensitive" of all the Philippine Islands.  Please remember them daily in prayer.  Already today (Monday) most of the scheduled opportunities were cancelled.  The team will split tomorrow and hit two cities for the next few days.
1.  Pray for safety
2.  Pray for wisdom
3.  Pray for the doors to remain open/good weather to facillitate the preaching.
4.  Pray for power in preaching.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Our 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes

“My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect in weakness” … …
2 Cor 12:9

From Kelvin (Singapore)
My one-week experience on the E-Campaign in Bohol, Philippines was marvellous and life changing. As I recount the journey, I could see so many obstacles and difficulties, insurmountable by my own or man’s standards, yet each one was faithfully broken down and removed by God. My biggest takeaway from this experience was to really learn how to trust in God and to know that He will provide in His time. I went with very little to offer, but God used it, provided and multiplied it according to His work and purpose.

Pre-Trip Preparations

When I first came to know of the E-Campaign and that recruitment for volunteers to partake in this mission was on, it was something that registered in my head as just ‘another mission’. Before I could give it much thought, countless worldly and real obstacles were already running through my head. Thus the mission was relegated and kept in my mind as a prayer list item at best. It was only weeks later that a direct question, put to me by Kim Cheong and Hwee Min during a Sunday lunch outing after church, struck a chord in my heart. It was only then I saw that instead of praying for the mission, I could be praying to go for the mission! Talk about seeing the light!

Kelvin (Singapore)
is an officer serving in the Singapore Navy and is an Instructor in the Naval Institute. This was Kelvin's first campaign!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

5th Singapore Team Arrives!

Welcome To the 5th Singapore Team

It's exciting to see these 5 ladies headed to join the team! Pray for them, ask the LORD to use them for His glory!  Remember them as they and the rest of the teams finish up the final week of the campaign!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Every Surrendered Life Is A Powerful Weapon To Be Wielded By The LORD!

It was "farewell for now" to Jeremy on Thursday!

It has been said, "A picture speaks a thousand words!"
On the wall behind Jeremy you can see a sign that says,
"a yone who has never nade a mistake
 has never tried anyt ing new"

Jeremy really tried something new-- 5 weeks of Cowboy Evangelism with Mike Redick!

He surrendered everything--his privacy, preferences, rights-to sleep both when and where, to eat when he was hungry, to pick his seat in the vehicle, even to determine his companions--all for the cause! And what happened?

In just 5 weeks, Jeremy preached the Gospel ...

     43 times to a total of
     3,282 people, most of whom had never heard!
     1,819 of those made decisions for Christ and are being followed up by permanent SMCI team members!

What did he have to say at the end of a gruelling 5 weeks?

"It’s been awesome!!!
I’m glad that I had this opportunity.
God has taught me so much, and I look forward to doing this again in the future."
And what did he say about the preaching?

Earlier in the campaign we received this wonderful news from the Leyte I/C:

"We present a clear Gospel. We make sure the kids understand that it's not a prayer that saves them, but that it's their trusting Jesus Christ alone. I tell the kids that when they trust Jesus they are going to want to turn from those sins that Jesus died for. They are not going to want to do the wrong things that Jesus is saving them from, but they are going to want to follow Him. At this point, I invite them to trust Jesus. I make it clear to them that I'm not forcing them, but that the decision is completely up to them. It's definitely not easy-believe-ism...these kids know what they are doing. The Gospel is explained to them very clearly. God has opened doors here, and many are very open to the Gospel. It is very different from other places. The Philippines is wide open, waiting to be evangelized. The fields are white!"
The SMCI I/C from Leyte wrote:
"Indeed God is unlimited! He alone knows the fruits that will remain and He'll give that to us in His own beautiful time! Just like yesterday 24th of July, there was a youth fellowship in one of the Baptist Churches and a high school student from Caridad, Baybay City,Leyte shared her testimony that she had accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior just recently through an American who preached the Gospel in her classroom. To our surprise it was Jeremy who had preached and she got saved during our evangelistic campaign, and now she was being followed up by her Christian classmate- who invited her to attend the youth fellowship. Truly God is at work and we can trust Him doing His net-work! To God be the glory! All praise and glory belongs to Him alone!"
Jeremy is a university sophomore
from Brooklyn, NY--
this was his first campaign.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Farewell For Now!

Safe trip for Neny, Jeremy, and Justin! Thanks LORD! ;)

Updates From The Leyte Follow-Up!

Students Responding to an
Invitation in Leyte Room to Room

It's been exciting to get texts and email from the permanent teams on each of the islands that the campaign swept through!

Leyte, week 1, has been no exception! We copy some here just about as they came in! Rejoice!

" . . . many now are texting us and inquiring about SMCI ,wants to have Bible studies or asking how to have and know more about Christ. do pray for wisdom on how to follow up all these! PTL!"
"Last Tuesday, in Ormoc City, while we were having our morning prayer in our staff apartment, 5 students from EVSU college knocked on our door asking us to have Bible study, we were surprised! So we let them in."
"In Maasin, Micmic received 90 texts from those who want to have Bible study and 9 who want to be visited."
"i got a call from the newspaper owner asking for an article from us because his grandson was one of the hearers at SJC college in Maasin (a RC campus) where Ptr Randy preached."
"In Sogod and San Juan, students keep texting to have Bible study.We are excited of  God's working in their hearts. Pray with us! Indeed we are now in the last days of the last days."
"In Sogod at the SLSU campus girls dorm when we went there and told them that we would have Bible study at 7:30 pm thats Tuesday, 75 girsl showed up! The matron was amazed!"
"San Juan Campus Jenny handles the Bible Study assisted by an intern Ptr."
"Maasin-- 3 young men came with us in church prayer meeting. Two young men asked us to come to their campus an RC college. Follow up will be easy when the Blessed Holy Spirit leads us."

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."
John 12:32

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bilar, Bohol Mini-Concert Yields Much Fruit!

The SMCI, Bohol Team took a step of faith and offered a mini-concert on the campus of one of the mountain universities! The Singapore Team added a skit and PMike preached to complete the programme!  At least 250 students came out for this first concert and of those who attended and heard the Gospel, more than 100 made decisions for Christ!

PMike after the service dealing with those who came
forward for salvation!

Prayer Request

Please pray for the Bohol SMCI Team!
  • They are having some scheduling problems and need wisdom from the LORD to know how to handle them immediately!
  • Also, the Bohol music team is presenting their first concert on a campus as an outreach! They are asking the LORD to use them!

Monday, 2 August 2010

First Day In Bohol!

The team divided into three groups today.  One stayed in the city while the others went out into the countryside to minister in high schools!  It is exciting to know that the LORD has opened the high schools of this island--one that we were warned would not be reached with the Gospel! Thankfully, our LORD does not listen to such nay-sayers and commands us not to as well!