Monday, 19 July 2010

"Why Should I Trust Him, God Doesn't Love Me"

From Henry Lee
S'pore Team 2
SMCI Evangelistic Campaign

"Before landing in Cebu City, I prayed that the Lord would teach me a life changing lesson in this Evangelistic Campaign and indeed the Lord answered this prayer with the last class to which I preached...

All through the week it was a norm for the majority of the students in the classes to make decisions after the preaching to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In this last classroom, I preached the same as I have done before-- carefully and logically laying down the problem of sin, the penalty of sin, and the payment for sin and making sure that they agreed that they had sinned against God. However, no one made any decision in that class. I was surprised, if not a little shocked. In true curiousity, I asked the students why they did not make any decisions. No one responded. I thanked the class, closed the session and waited outside the class room for the rest of the SMCI workers.

Standing outside, I was wondering if I had missed any points or had not made the Gospel clear to them, or had I not depended on the Holy Spirit...

As these thoughts went through my head, a girl that was quite attentive during my preaching came out to look for me. She came out solely to tell me the reason her class did not make any decisions. She said, "My class does not believe that God loves them!" That statement really cut my heart; in the days that had I traveled in the van going from school to school that week, out of the window I had seen poverty, prostitution, and a naked boy lying on the street--not sure if he was just sleeping or dead. I am sure the students of this class could be having a really brutal life that they feel that God has abandoned them.

I fumbled through my Bible not knowing what verse to encourage this little girl with that God loves her. Matthew 18:13, came to mind and I told her that Jesus would personally look for her even if she was the only one in the world gone missing. She smiled and thanked me. I asked her if she believes that Jesus loves her. She said yes and went back to her class.

I could be reading into this too much, but I asked the Lord for a lesson and I will take this as His answer. This is my lesson: preach the problem of sin, preach the penalty of sin, preach the payment for sin but more so, preach God's love to a suffering world!

Do I myself really believe that God loves me too? I am resolved to know His love and make His love known!"

Who is Henry Lee ?

Henry is a Christian husband and father who works as a Design Engineer in Singapore. Henry took a week of his annual leave and gave it to the LORD to lead one of the Singapore Teams to the Evangelistic Campaign.  He and his family attend Gospel Light Christian Church and are members of the Nosnuma Team.


  1. Wow... so true... so true... "For God so loved... !" We must tell it!

  2. It's the love of God that constrains us... thanks Henry.

  3. amen!!! thxs for your testimony henry!!!

  4. "I read it yesterday sister Lisa, n was moved to pray for d class n tt girl in particular, tt God's love will touch her heart even in d most difficult of circumstance, tt she'll be God's ambassador to share His love with every1 in her classmate. Keeping our Siquijor team in prayer too...He who opens tt door will do great thgs, beyond our imagination! All glory to our Big God!"


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