Saturday, 17 July 2010

Looking Back With Praise: Week 1 Leyte

From: Joy Pinero (SMCI Leyte fulltime staff --unedited :)

"A dynamite week! A glorious week! A great week!
Is a real visit of God’s Spirit here in Leyte with His committed disciples to do aggressive evangelism in every open doors, proclaiming the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of prayer and by the blessed Holy Spirit. I felt that Living Water poured out in every thirsty heart that the listener wants to have more. It’s a glorious week, a great week because we knew we are obedient of the great commission which we knew was the supreme passion of the heart of our Savior Jesus Christ – “He meant that when He died on the cross of Calvary”. It’s a glorious week to those who heard and believed the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and angels rejoicing in heaven.

Every time we finishes and come out from every school and campuses, I thanked God in my heart silently with tears in my eyes for He opened doors for us to plant the seed of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, believing that it will grow and that one day it will be harvested in glory. What a glorious week! What a great week! A dynamite week! Thank you blessed Holy Spirit of God… It’s Your work… It’s Your move… We are just willing human instruments to be used to advance God’s kingdom on earth!!!"
Testimonies From The Permanent Leyte SMCI Team:

“Last week was just like a bomb…a thousand of souls got saved and that was by God’s power.”
Bebing Lipao-pao (Part time staff-SMCI Ormoc City)

“Last week was just like an experience that God came down from heaven and moved the hearts of many people, by His mercy and grace.”
Princess Ballesteros (Full time staff-SMCI Ormoc City)

“It was awesome! Seeing the mighty moving of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people and God’s sustaining grace for His people…definitely awesome! Our God is an awesome God!"
Yohanna Casillano (Full time staff-SMCI Sogod)

“Lord of the harvest doing His work as the Great Harvester! By His grace, we are privileged to be His laborers and witnesses!"
Lotlot Borneo (Full time staff-SMCI Sogod)

“It was an evident outpouring of God’s grace, God’s goodness and God power in the midst of the believers and the non-believers."
Micmic Hocino (Full time staff-SMCI Maasin City)

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  1. So many souls saved. God is so good!!! And He lets us be a part of His work. I'm so thankful. God bless you all.


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