Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday! ;)

End of 4th Week Yields Over 76k
Who Have Heard The Gospel!

It's Saturday night and there is a lot to write about... the Internet connection is a bit temperamental though and I think I will have to beg forgiveness till tomorrow after church! Plus... I flew all night last night with the 4th Singapore Team and then 2 ferry trips to totally SURPRISE PM this morning with a visit! Thanks all who helped keep it a secret--it was really fun to see everyone today and I am really praising the LORD for the opportunity to be here for the next 7 days.

It was farewell for now to part of  the 3rd Singapore team, Eric heading back to PA, the Java team and Beverly and LH moving onto Bohol , ... and I can't wait to start hearing their testimonies of God's amazing empowerment as they were here!

More tomorrow...

  • arrival of 4th Singapore Team

  • recap of week 4

  • lots of great pics

  • FAQ #5 "Is it all just easy believe-ism?"

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