Wednesday, 28 July 2010

FAQ #4 What Is Done For Those Who Make Decisions?

Is There Any Follow-Up?

A Question From Christine, Brooklyn, NY...
"Wonderful to hear of how the Lord is working...just a question, though, what is done for those who have made decisions for the Lord? Are there continuing Bible studies?"

Absolutely! While the Campaign takes just 6 weeks--
the follow-up takes the entire next year and more!

Student Movement For Christ Int’l  (SMCI) is an organization that Mike Redick has directed for almost 10 years. It was born out of our church in Singapore and the heart of one Filipina with a great burden for her country! Since that first evangelistic campaign in 2002, it has grown to 70 full time staff members (missionaries) stationed on 5, now 6 islands—with over 100 part time workers and many student volunteers!

We are registered with the Philippine gov’t and legally recognized on University Campuses so we have clubs on Campus sponsored by student converts and faculty converts!

Off campus we have many rented centres where we hold Bible studies, Truth Seekers Nights, etc.

We work with local like minded churches or start our own if there is not one—these are pastored by our converts who have been trained, mentored, and disciple through the ministry.

Every year we take 100-200 of the faithful new converts and send them for 4 weeks of training—Bible Institute type where we teach them the Spirit Filled Life, Netcasters, and Basic Doctrines! They will continue this for 4 years and if they finish the course will receive a diploma from our Bible Institute!

Each decisions that is counted is counted from a decision slip that is collected.

PM following up with those who made decisions at a
Gospel Night last week. 
The teams follow up for next year with the vision to confirm their salvation and become disciple makers too! Fulltime workers are out winning souls and discipling just about every day of the year!

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