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FAQ #3 Does The Fruit Remain?

Mike Redick
SMCI International Director
Does The Fruit Remain?

From: Mike Redick
SMCI International Director

"I am often asked about the amazing results of the evangelism we do in the Philippines, "does the fruit remain?" Well, here is a wonderful testimony of God's amazing grace and remaining fruit.

In July 29, 2002, I was on the Island of Negros holding our first annual Gospel campaign in the city of Dumaguete. We had been preaching the Gospel in the classrooms of a certain university all day long. In the evenings we would rent the student center and invite the student body to an evening Gospel service. On this particular night I had preached the gospel and given the invitation.  About 30 people responded and came forward. I dealt with each of them, got there contact information, gave them some followup material and sent them on there way.

One young man who responded to the Gospel that night was Ven Tabunda. Ven was a student leader on campus and was required by the university to host our Gospel team. As a result Ven heard me preach the Gospel four times during the day and again during the evening service-hearing the gospel for the fifth time in a single day! The Holy Spirit made the Gospel clear to Ven.  He responded and was wonderfully saved.

Overjoyed by the grace of God, Ven wasted no time and he began inviting his friends to our meetings and many of his classmates trusted the Lord. Within a few days he took the Gospel home to his committed Roman Catholic family. God opened their eyes and his whole family was saved. They began sharing the Gospel with there neighbors and relatives and many trusted the Lord. Eventually so many were born again that we formed a church in Ven's home town. Today that church is being pastored by Ven's father.

Ven Tebunda, SMCI Philippines National Director
Ven continued to grow in the Lord-never losing his zeal. Upon graduation from University feeling the Lord calling him to ministry he joined SMCI as a full time worker and was graduated from our 4 year ministry training course. He eventually became the leader of SMCI Bohol chapter and in 2009 he was appointed as SMCI Philippines National Director overseeing the ministry nationwide. We thank the Lord for abiding fruit. "

Mike Redick


  1. Pastor Mike,
    Thank you for this very clear example of how the Lord has used this ministry in the Philippines in the past. We continue to pray for fruit that remains as the campaigns continue. I'm sending this to a friend who had this question. Anna Johnson

  2. That's great Anna! Lisa is going to post many testimonies from over the years of fruit that has remained from the campus ministries! The fruit has remained from the very beginnning and new fruit continues! This is actually the 2nd can find the others by clicking on the label: SMCI FAQs. We should have done this a long time ago--it is such a great testimony to God's faithfulness! Thanks for follow the work and praying!

  3. Indeed God is unlimited! He alone knows the fruits that will remain and He'll give that to us in His own beautiful time! Just like yesterday 24th of July, there was a youth fellowship in one of the Baptist Church and a high school student from Caridad, Baybay City,Leyte shared her testimony that she had accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior just recently through an American who preached the Gospel in her classroom. To our surprise it was Jeremy who preached and she got saved during our evangelistic campaign, and now she was being followed up by her Christian classmate- the reason why she was able to attend the youth fellowship. Truly God is at work and we can trust Him doing His net-work! To God be the glory! All praise and glory belongs to Him alone!

  4. Amen guys, amen! ;) Send more! Let's tell how great God is! We get to see what He does and how it all works... let give testimony!


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